Its in our hands – Singleton Heights

The students at Singleton Heights Public School (Hunter Valley, NSW) in years 2 to 4 had just completed a geography/science unit called, ‘It’s In Our Hands’.  This Project Based Learning (PBL) unit of work allows students to discover how our actions and decisions affect wildlife around the world.

Its in our hands

During their research on the topic they discovered Daniel and William’s quest to save the orangutans from extinction and, so inspired, they sought permission from their Principal to write their own email and organise for Daniel and William to come and present to their school.

On the day…

On the day of Daniel and Williams visit, and as soon as they arrived, the boys made a surprise visit to Mrs Janelle Cox’s class who had written the email.  The class were all extremely excited and thrilled to meet the boys before the whole school presentation.

Around 500 students packed the hall from years 1 through to year 6.  Everyone even joined in together singing the song, ‘Try Everything‘ which features in Daniel and William’s video.  The hall was a buzz with excitement, enthusiasm and a thirst for knowledge.

The questions after the presentation came thick and fast.  As soon as one question had been answered there were 50 hands held straight up in the air to ask more questions.

Its in our hands

Questions ranged from, “What was your most memorable moment on your trip?“, “What was your funniest moment?“, to technical questions around how they put the video together.

The students were so engaged with the post presentation discussion the teachers had to step in to end question time so the students wouldn’t miss out on their lunch.  During the lunch break, and while William signed the students books, more and more students came back into the hall to ask even more questions from the boys.

During the lunch time break one student remarked that he had so much joy today meeting Dan and Will and that he wanted to tell all his family about the orangutans.  He said, “I learnt so much more from their presentation that I am going home to tell everybody!”.

Conservation Art

Also on the day, Years 3 and 4 held an Art Show in the school hall displaying their art work depicting how wildlife around the world still needs our help to survive.  The students took great pride in showing their work to Daniel and William after their presentation.

Its in our hands

It was a privilege to meet everyone at Singleton Heights Public School today.  Their enthusiasm and passion to want to know more about orangutans, their habitat and to help save them inspires us to keep going and strive even further to make a difference.  William Clarke

When leaving at the end of the day, Daniel was approached by one young student who was so moved by the boys plight that she said, “I wish I could be your sister“.

Thanks Singleton Heights for an incredible day.  Your whole school community has touched our hearts.  Daniel Clarke

We would love to come back again and visit your amazing school in the near future.


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Unique Orangutan Fundraiser

orangutan fundraiserStage 2 students (Years 3 and 4) at Eastwood Public School have been raising awareness of orangutans throughout the school by holding a couple of orangutan fundraisers this term.  An ‘Orange Fun-day Monday’ was very successful with students coming to school in mufti for a gold coin donation.

The Year 4 students came up with another unique orangutan fundraiser, “Orangutan Badges For Sale”.

Under the guidance of their teachers, Mrs Cuasay, Mr Griffiths, Miss Locke and Mr Leslie, the students created, the students created their own artwork picturing orangutans and held a competition to choose the best designs to be made into badges.  The designs were chosen and the badges were made (by the students).  Two extra designs were created by the teachers which became, “Special Edition” badges which sold for $2 each with all other badges selling for $1 each.

The unique fundraisers were so successful the students sold out of badges the morning of the fundraiser raising $1,200.  All the students and teachers were wearing their badges with immense pride.

Wow! What a fantastic idea !

Orangutan fundraiser

Throughout this term the students have been learning about the orangutans through Daniel and William’s books.  Using the books as a basis the students have become engaged in poetry and informative writing, creating PowerPoint presentations on deforestation and palm oil and, after holding their successful orangutan fundraisers, the students were keen to meet Daniel and William and present them with their own badges.

Orangutan fundraiser

Daniel and William were delighted to visit Eastwood Public School on Monday presenting to 500 students from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 including several parents.

William said, “The students had some really well thought out questions including, How heavy are the nests orangutans make? and the best question of the day was, If the orangutan is the smartest ape? why did they send the Chimpanzee into space?”.

Thanks Eastwood Public School for such a great afternoon and for your incredible effort to help save the orangutans.

“Always remember to TAP into your passion and encourage others to help you.  Let’s make a difference in our world together.”

Daniel and William

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Passion at St Patrick’s for orangutans

St Patrick's Primary School at BlacktownStage 3 students at St Patrick’s Primary School, Blacktown, organised a fund raiser at the school after studying Daniel and William’s books this term.  It was an ‘Orange Day’ where everyone wore something orange and gave a gold coin donation .  The students raised $775 with all money raised going to orangutan conservation and protection.  Their teacher, Mr Justin Browne, said how the students have become very passionate about the plight of the orangutans with the whole school becoming aware of the issues facing the orangutans and the students being very knowledgeable about the products containing palm oil.

St Patrick's Primary School at Blacktown

After learning about the orangutans this term the school asked the boys to visit and speak with the students about their journey to Borneo. After the presentation the students had many great questions for them.  Many questions were about Palm Oil such as, How long has palm oil been used? and discussing the many products that use palm oil from cooking oil to foods we eat and cleaning products we use every day. Other questions included,  what will happen if the orangutan goes extinct?   They also wanted to know all about the rehabilitation process of the orangutans and  how to adopt an orangutan 

Thanks to Mr Justin Browne and St Patrick’s Primary School.  It was a great day and thanks for all your hard work in fund raising for the orangutan.  We can all make a difference. Thanks for your passion St Patricks !

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Colour Me Orange Day at Oakhill

Oakhill Drive Public School invited Dan and will to present to their Year 3/4 classes today (around 220 students from Year 3 and 4).

Oakhill drive public school

After learning about the orangutans throughout Term 2, using an integrated English Unit, the Year 3/4 classes wanted to engage the whole school by holding a ‘Colour Me Orange Day’ (Authentic Task) to raise funds for the orangutans.  Every student could colour their hair or wear orange clothes for the day.  They had a fantastic day and raised $1,021.30.  They have decided to donate the money raised to The Orangutan Project. Continue reading

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Education for Sustainability

The Education for Sustainability program came to an exciting climax today when four schools gathered at Chisholm Catholic Primary School to present their sustainability projects and listen to Daniel and William’s quest to save the orangutan.

Mr Bran Lazendic, Principal of Penrith Lakes Environmental Education Centre, has used Tears In The Jungle as a key Project Based Learning (PBL) tool across several schools and brought them together today to share their findings.

Education for Sustainability

Continue reading

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Cambridge Gardens Perfect Primates

Daniel and William were invited to speak at Cambridge Gardens Public School about their quest to save the orangutan, and the school turned out in force.  Some 250 school children were captivated by the boys presentation and video of their journey into the jungles of Borneo.

Vice Principal, Daniel Attard, told the boys how the students have been Continue reading

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Kyle Sandilands Pays it Forward

Daniel and William adopted an Orangutan for popular Radio Announcer Kyle Sandilands from KIIS 106.5 and was on air this morning with Kyle and Jackie’O.

Daniel, who is a massive fan of the KIIS106.5 Kyle and Jackie’O show was invited on air this morning as part of Kyle’s birthday preparation for this Sunday.  Kyle has informed all his listeners to send in $10 and a card for his birthday and, in his hilarious style, has been quite unapologetic about it.  Daniel said, “I thought that was hilarious so I went one better and adopted an Orangutan through The Orangutan Project’s adoption program“.

You can listen to it here…

Daniel’s mum, Penny, did most of the talking and mentioned how the brothers wrote a book called Tears In The Jungle to which Jackie said, “I have that one at home!!, I love that book.”

Both Kyle and Jackie’O were overwhelmed with the sentiment and Kyle PROMISED to pay-it-forward and sponsor an orangutan…


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CBCA 2018 Notables List

A Notable Book…

CBCA Notables for 2018Today Daniel and William received confirmation their book Fight for Survival has been listed on The Childrens Book Council of Australia’s (CBCA) 2018 Notables List.

“We are so thrilled our latest book has been recognised by such a prestigious organisation such as CBCA”, Daniel said.  The boys latest book, “Tears in the Jungle: Fight for Survival“, follows on from their best selling book, “Tears in the Jungle:  A Children’s Adventure to Save the Orangutan“, which follows their journey to protect the critically endangered orangutan from extinction.

CBCA Notable Tears In The JungleBoth books have been self-published and printed in Australia and used as educational resources in hundreds of Australian schools, universities and even in China.  A well-known Sydney based literary agent was quoted as saying, “It is one of the best self-published books I’ve seen”.

With orders flooding in from book sellers around Australia the boys are hoping their goal of reaching $1m to save the orangutan is well within sight.

Are you a Book Reseller?

CBCA 2018 NotableIf you are a wholesaler or retailer and would like to stock Daniel and William’s latest book, ‘Fight for Survival’, please register your interest and we will get back in contact with you ASAP.

We can also provide you with promotional material to assist in the promotion of the boys book in your store or location.  If you are based in Sydney the boys are also available for guest appearances and book signings (and are available to travel interstate).  Please call Penny Clarke on 0410 644 376 to discuss.


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YATZ at Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo’s popular YATZ program (Youth At The Zoo) asked if the boys were available to come and present their quest to save the orangutan to the group.  So Daniel and William went along to speak at their awards night at the new Taronga Centenary Theatre which is an amazing 180 degree indoor amphitheater.

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Christmas wishes DO come true

Orangutan Christmas WishA special Christmas Wish, made by a student of Maraylya Public School came true today when she met her Eco Heroes, Daniel and William Clarke, Authors of Fight for Survival.

After receiving a touching email from Gabriella’s mother about how much Daniel and William’s quest to save the orangutan had made an impact on her daughter and her class, she mentioned how the first item on Gabriella’s Christmas Wish List was to one day meet Daniel and William.

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