Abbotsford Goes Ape for School Talk

Daniel and William about to present to Abbotsford Public School

The Librarian of Abbotsford Public School, Mrs Beth Hudson, invited Daniel and William  to speak about their quest to save the critically endangered orangutans of Borneo and Sumatra to all of the students.

After reading the boys latest book, Fight for Survival, the school has been learning about orangutans, palm oil and deforestation so the students were extremely excited to hear the boys school talk, first-hand, about their journey through the jungles of Borneo.

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Both Orangutan Books for just $49.90

Click on the image to purchase orangutan booksOrder Daniel and William’s first best selling book “A Children’s Adventure to Save the Orangutan” as well as their latest book, “Fight for Survival” and get $5 off the regular price.

Don’t miss out on this inspiring story of two inspirational brothers on a quest to save the orangutan from extinction.  So far they have raised $845,000 and hope their latest book, ‘Fight for Survival’ will help them reach their $1m target.

Their latest book, ‘Fight for Survival’ also includes QR Codes bringing a new level of realism to readers allowing them to watch videos taken on the boys journey while in Borneo.  “We thought this would make the reading experience more engaging and allow readers to understand the issues facing the orangutan”, William said.

Order Your Orangutan Books Now

$5 from every book sold goes to orangutan rescue, release, rehabilitation and protection programs in Borneo and Sumatra.

Get in quick to be a part of this amazing journey.

Want more information?

Read more about us on our About Us page or watch our ABC Australian Story episode.

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Fight for Survival… NEW BOOK – PRE ORDER !!!

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The long awaited release of Daniel and William’s second book, Fight for Survival is now available for pre-order.  The boys are taking pre-orders up until the 31st October, 2018 at the reduced rate of $5 per book (Hard Cover only).   Orders will be delivered by mail from the 1st November, 2018 onwards. Continue reading

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Palm Oil Free Popcorn is a BLAST !!

Daniel and William received the following letter from Mrs Mackey, a teacher at Marayla Public School, NSW;

It’s official, Maraylya Public School absolutely loves the book ‘Tears in the Jungle’ written by brothers Daniel and William Clarke. We are a rural school situated in the Hawkesbury district and are dedicated to stopping palm oil sourced unsustainably being used in our foods, which will help save the orangutans’ habitat in Indonesia.
Mrs Mackey and class 2/3 have been reading the book ‘Tears in the Jungle’ as part of the English unit incorporating sustainability. The class was so inspired by this book that they wanted to do something to help Daniel and William save the orangutans.

Mrs Mackey and the children sourced popcorn with no palm oil in it and set about, through a project-based learning approach, putting together a presentation using a PowerPoint to present to the school P&C meeting to introduce this popcorn into our canteen. The children spoke passionately to the parents and also showed them Daniel and William’s video so they could help the parents understand the plight of the orangutans. The P&C that night unanimously voted to introduce the popcorn into the school canteen. The next day the popcorn was included on the school canteen menu and immediately sold out as the whole school got behind class 2/3’s initiative to help save the orangutans. Continue reading

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Conservation and Country Schools

After seeing a show on ABC Television about a small school at Jerrys Plains and how they have embraced a love of reading and books, Daniel and William thought it would be great to pay them a visit and talk to them about their quest to save the orangutan as well as donate some books for their book club. With only 42 kids at the school ranging from Years 1 to 6, the boys took the day off from their university studies to travel the 200km to present their quest to save the orangutan to the kids at Jerrys Plains Public School.

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Mandatory Labelling of Palm Oil – Petition

Zoos Victoria Palm Oil PetitionFood manufacturers are still allowed to label palm oil as “vegetable oil” on their labels. This means YOU won’t realise you could be consuming food containing palm oil (labelled as vegetable oil) which is contributing to the deaths of over 1,000 orangutans a year as their habitat, and that of Sumatran Elephants and Tigers is destroyed through unsustainable palm oil production. Continue reading

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Bob Irwin Tribute Night

Bob Irwin with Daniel and WilliamDaniel and William were kindly invited, and were honoured, to speak at the Bob Irwin Tribute night held at Aussie World on the Sunshine Coast on Saturday evening.  The night was organised by Amanda French, in collaboration with Judy Irwin (Bob’s wife), as well as members of the Bob Irwin Conservation Foundation, as a surprise evening that he thought was in honour of his son Steve Irwin.

Amanda has just completed writing Bob’s autobiography called ‘The Last Crocodile Hunter – A father and son legacy”, which is due to be released on the 25th October so she was well equipped with names and contacts to organise such an event for Bob without him knowing.

Daniel and William presenting to Bob IrwinIt was an amazing evening of speeches and presentations by many people from Bob’s past. Included in the guest list were people from his original crocodile hunting team, Crocodile Hunter production team, Australia Zoo staff, close friends and family.

Daniel and William were asked to present their orangutan journey as an example of how the younger generation, inspired by Steve, are continuing Bob and Steve’s undying passion for conservation.

There were many stories shared on the night.  There was a lot of laughter and a few tears, but mostly inspiration.  Daniel and Wi

Another young Australian that spoke on the night was passionate 14 year old Jack Jenkins who has put together a YouTube Channel called Zoo To You which is filled with many incredible reptile and conservation facts and experiences that Jack brings to audiences all over the world.

Thank you Bob, you are the grandfather of conservation in all of our eyes.  You continue to inspire us.

Daniel and William

Some images used in this post were taken by Whisper Images and have been used with express permission.  The Photo Album of all images can be seen here – please contact Whisper Images if you would like to purchase or use any of these.

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Narrabeen Sports High School… Back Again

Narrabeen Sports High SchoolDaniel and William spoke to 125 year 8 students at Narrabeen Sports High School.  After visiting the school last year the teachers were so impressed that the students were still engaged about conservation, deforestation and the orangutans that they asked the boys to visit the current year 8 students.

Narrabeen Sports High School

Melonie Farrugia with Daniel and William Clarke

The visit was organised by the Head Teacher for English and Languages, Melonie Farrugia, “The teachers used the boys talk as a source of inspiration for creative writing with the students in English while also understanding the plight of the orangutans”.

The students were inspired to know that they themselves could start a small project and know that they were making a difference in the world by following their passion.

The students questions went well over time (even after the bell went).

Thanks Narrabeen Sports High School for having us !

Narrabeen Sports High School

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Rainforest Classroom a Conservation Hit

Daniel and William were invited to speak to the Year 2 Students at St Margaret Mary’s Primary School at Merrylands and to see their rainforest classroom.

Daniel and William with Year 2 in the Rainforest Classroom

Orangutan-FactsThe students have been learning about orangutans and deforestation over the past few weeks and were very excited to let Dan and Will know they were having a big fund raiser at school to raise money for the orangutans.  “Everything is going to be orange for the day !”, said Melissa Fardella, one of the Year 2 teachers.

The kids in the Year 2 class did an AMAZING job at making the inside of their classroom resemble the forest canopy with green sheets and netting as well as leaves and branches filled with orangutan facts and posters that the students had made.

Daniel and William also spoke about a new website called ‘Global Forest Watch‘, launched by the Jane Goodall Institute, that monitors and tracks global deforestation and forest growth, in real time, so you can monitor all forests around the world and is a brilliant teaching tool for anyone interested in conservation.

The students all knew a lot about palm oil and even presented the boys with a thank you gift containing palm oil free biscuits and chocolates.

Good luck with your fund raiser this Friday !

Daniel and William with Teachers in the rainforest classroom

Daniel and William with the Year 2 Teachers in front of the Global Forest Watch website

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Quest continues on The Daily Edition

Daniel and William were interviewed on The Daily Edition Home Page today on their quest to save the orangutan.  If you would like to help Daniel and William on their quest to save the orangutan please click on the Adopt an Orangutan Here and you will go through to The Orangutan Project’s Adoption Program.

If you missed seeing Daniel and William on The Daily Edition today you can see it here.


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