It has been an AMAZING week !   We have met so many wonderful people from all different backgrounds.  Australia is truly is an incredible place!

Canberra Grammar School

An amazing presentationWhat started out as an amazing presentation ended up with Penny and I in tears of joy and pride.  Daniel and William presented to an amazing group of kids at Canberra Grammar School.  The audience was comprised of years 3 to 6 and they filled the auditorium.  By this stage of Daniel and William’s Country Tour the boys really had their presentation down pat.

At the end of the presentation the boys engaged in a questions and answers time with the kids and their questions, once again, were very well thought out and engaging.  At the end of the questions a teacher approached the stage to advise that they had a surprise for Daniel and William.

The teacher then faced the children in the audience and asked the year 3/4 choir to ‘please stand up from the rest of the audience’.  After introducing the kids as The Year 3/4 Choir the teacher said to Daniel and William, “The Year 3/4 Choir would like to sing you a song, ‘Dare to Dream'”.

The next four minutes was like being in the presence of angels.  There is a time in your life when you are ‘shown a path’ that you know is just…    right.

This was it.

Daniel and William stood on the stage, themselves holding back tears, as the choir burst into song.  The words of the song mimicking Daniel and William’s passion to save the orang-utan and make a difference in the world.

It was a magical moment that will live with us, as a family, forever.

Thank you so much Canberra Grammar School !

(CLICK HERE to read the lovely reference that Canberra Grammar School provided Daniel and William)

Meeting with the US Ambassador, Jeffrey Bleich

I know that so many of you following Daniel and William’s progress have been waiting on an update about their meeting with the US Ambassador this afternoon… wait no further !

This afternoon Daniel and Willam were fortunate to have a meeting with the Ambassador of the United States of America to Australia, Jeffrey Bleich and his wife, Rebecca.  Daniel and William explained to the Ambassador their goal to save the orang-utan in Borneo and Sumatra as well as speak at the United Nations about the plight of the orang-utan and to inspire the youth of the world to find and follow their own passion in life.

As an outcome of the meeting, the Ambassador has advised he would forward Daniel and William’s request to meet with the President of the United States, to The White House.  He has also advised that he would put Daniel and William in contact with several Non Government Organisations (NGO) which are based in Washington and New York to see if there was any synergy in the boys quest. (Read his letter of introduction HERE)

We are very appreciative of the Ambassador making the time to meet with Daniel and William today and to have Mrs Bleich change her schedule to also meet with the boys.

After meeting with the Ambassador Daniel and William are excited about what the future will hold for them and their quest.