Conservation Message Reaches Heron Island

Heron IslandWilliam and Daniel had the opportunity to visit Heron Island, a wildlife sanctuary 90 kilometres (56 miles) off the coast of Queensland Australia.  It is one of the southern most islands of the Great Barrier Reef and, at 11 kilometres long (7 miles) and offers the most incredible opportunity to experience the wilds of the ocean up close.

Many of the staff working on the island are passionate conservationalists and, once recognising the boys, asked if they would present their quest to save the orangutan to the resort’s guests and staff on the island at their information centre.  The boys lept at the opportunity and held a small presentation at the Heron Island Information Centre where 40 people attended including guests from all over Australian as well as USA, England, France (which is big for a small island!) which gave them the opportunity to spread their message even further.

Heron Island Information Centre


Everywhere they go there are always people who are dedicated to the welfare of the planet and are eager to join forces with the boys to help raise funds and awareness of their quest.

Heron Island

Local island conservationists Lisa and Sara with Daniel and William

A visit to Heron Island is an amazing way to understand and appreciate the beauty of our planet.  During the day you can snorkel and swim with sharks, stingrays, fish and turtles and at night you can walk to the end of the island, knowing that you can look to the sky and watch the stars and be more than 90 kilometres away from any man made light… it is absolutely beautiful !

…and the staff are wonderful too !

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Ironbark Ridge Public School Swings in with Support

Ironbark Ridge Public SchoolThe students at Ironbark Ridge Public School swung in with support for the orangutans by inviting Daniel and William Clarke to speak about their quest and the changes that have been made in Borneo in the past two years.

The students had done a lot of research on deforestation and the effect of Palm Oil Plantations on the orangutans habitat.  One student even asked, “Why can’t all palm oil plantations become sustainable?”.  The boys agreed and said that the only way we can get companies to change is by changing our buying habits.

Daniel and William talking at Ironbark Ridge Public SchoolWilliam spoke about the POI iPhone application to the students as an effective way to ensure the products their families purchase either do not contain palm oil or if the palm oil is from a sustainable palm oil plantation.

Many students asked about adopting an orangutan and if that would help them.  The boys encouraged the students to adopt an orangutan through Borneo Orangutan Survival’s Adoption Webpage or The Orangutan Project’s adoption page page as this helps the orphans being rehabilitated back to the wild.

The school has really embraced saving the orangutans by holding a ‘Gold Coin Donation’ day raising $317 towards The Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program.  The boys were presented with the donation at the completion of their talk.

A group of students from the school created a ‘Save our Relatives’ campaign to create awareness of the issues facing the orangutan.  Their campaign included an amazing website as well as an inspirational video which you can see here…

In incredible job and an emotional message… What a brilliant job !!!

“Your school has amazing students who care for the environment.  Daniel and I just wanted to thank you all so much for all that you are doing to help our planet”, William.

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Mrs Greens World – Radio Interview

mrsgreens world logoTune in to Daniel and William’s interview on the international radio show, Mrs. Green’s World based in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

Mrs Greens World is focussed at creating a community of people who care about our planet. You will hear cutting edge leaders from around the world sharing exciting information about energy, technology, healthy living and global sustainability.

Their interview will be aired live (streaming across the internet) at 5am Sunday 9th August (Sydney Australia time) or 12 noon Arizona time on Saturday 8th August.

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Thank You Letter from Students

Daniel and William received a lovely ‘Thank You ‘ letter from the students for their presentation at Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS).

Read more here…



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“Green Day” at North Narrabeen

Daniel and William were invited to speak at North Narrabeen Primary School on their “Green Day”.  The theme for the day was, “Habitat” with around 100 students from years 5 & 6 (and their teachers) were enthralled with the boys talk and their passion to save the orangutan’s habitat.

North Narrabeen Public School

The boys spoke about their return trip to Borneo and how there has been so many improvements to the care of the orphan orangutans and also to the care centres that rehabilitate the babies for future release back into their natural habitat.  The students were excited to know about the new application “POI”, that will help their families make better choices in the supermarket as to which product contains palm oil and, if so,if that company derives its palm oil from sustainable palm plantations.

North Narrabeen Public School

Several students were also keen on finding out on how to adopt an orangutan through The Orangutan Project and the Borneo Orangutan Survivial (BOS) Australia.

Thank you to the Principal, Mr Ryan Shepheard and Miss Montgomery for supporting Daniel and William in their quest and inviting them to your school.  It was a wonderful afternoon with so many great questions from your students.

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World Orangutan Day – 19th August

World Orangutan Day is the 19th August, 2015 and we would like to encourage everyone around the world to do just two things;

  1. Raise awareness that our closest cousin (the Orangutan) is critically endangered and that we (humans) are destroying their forest at a rate of 300 football fields an hour, 24 hours a day.
  2. Raise funds to help support AMAZING organisations such as The Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program to help protect the orangutan’s habitat to make sure they have a home for the future.

World Orangutan Day

Your support is CRITICAL, not just for the orangutans but for humanity.  If we are unable to save a species which is on the brink of extinction and so close to our own DNA, what hope have we got for our children and generations to come?

Make a donation to The Orangutan Project Safeguard Program or hold an ‘ORANGE DAY’ at your work and donate the funds raised to your local orangutan charity.

Please, for all of our sake, do something….

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NBCS – Change Makers

Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS), stage 3 teachers invited Daniel and William to speak to their students in years 5 and 6 about their quest and how they are making a difference for the future.

NBCS Presentation

As part of their history lessons the classes are embracing, “Change Makers” and the students were keen to find out how the boys quest, to save the orangutan, would change the way future generations address issues about the environment, especially for the orangutans.

Magnificent Kids Book by Kerryn VaughnMrs Deibe was keen to show the students a book called, “Magnificent Kids”, by Kerryn Vaughn, which is about kids their own age, from around the world, just following their passion and making a difference.  Everyone was excited to see Daniel and William’s quest written about as a chapter in the book.

The students at NBCS had so many great question asking about the habitat, palm oil and were really buzzed about the new app available, POI Application, which scans the barcodes on grocery items and identifies whether Palm Oil is an ingredient and whether it is from a sustainable source.  After their presentation the boys think many more parents will now be scanning the products they purchase at the supermarket.

NBCS Presentation

Mrs Deibe and Mr Wearne with Daniel and William

Daniel and William let the students know about World Orangutan Day which is on the 19th of August and the students are eager to help to raise funds and awareness on the day.

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Narrabeen Sports High School

Narrabeen Sports High School Daniel and William were thrilled to be asked by the English Faculty at Narrabeen Sports High School to talk with their Year 8 students about making a difference and their quest to save the orangutan.

Prepared with new material from their latest trip to Borneo in July 2014, the boys spoke of the progress that had been made and the issues still facing the orangutan in their fight for survival.

120 Year 8 students sat silently listening to William recount his experience with a 35 year old female orangutan on the wharf and Camp Leakey in Borneo and how it changed his life forever.

Tears In the jungle speaking at Narrabeen sports high school

William with maskThe teachers and students were in awe listening to the boys talk of the changes that have been made in the short period of time between their two trips to Borneo and how conscientious the staff at the Ketapang care centre were in being very strict about hygiene and preventing the spread of diseases between the orangutans and humans.

Daniel spoke of the donations through the Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program and how they are able to employ more rangers in order to patrol and protect more of the National Park and prevent the destruction to the forest from illegal logging and the establishment of illegal palm oil plantations.


The boys also spoke of the donations that had been made to the Ketapang Care Centre and how they have utilised the donations to create support structures for the care and rehabilitation of both young and adult orangutans.

(To get an understanding of how big these cages are can you see William in this photo…?)

The talk concluded with many questions and the start of many discussion on conservation and environmental impacts and concerns and how perseverance can make a difference.

POI LogoThe boys also spoke at length on the newly created Palm Oil App for iPhones that allows the consumer to scan a barcode on food items and instantly determine if it is Palm Oil free… click on the logo to check it out.

Thanks Narrabeen Sports High School for having us !!

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They’re Back !!

Hi Everyone, after a very busy eight months Daniel and William are back on track with their quest to save the orangutan.

After revisiting Borneo mid last year Daniel came straight back into the trials for the HSC and then sat for the HSC in November last year.  He has now commenced 2015 in his first year of University and is loving it.

William has entered Year 11 and has already started on their second book !!

Stay tuned for more updates from the boys as they continue their quest…

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Child Care Centre goes APE !

Narrabeen's Child Care Centre


Narrabeen Children’s Centre received a pleasant surprise when the authors of the book they were reading to the children surprised them with a visit.

28 kindergarten students were pleasantly surprised when, after reading a book about the critically endangered orangutan (“Tears In The Jungle”), the books authors, Daniel and William Clarke surprised them with a visit.  One child was so amazed to see them they said, “I didn’t think you were real!”.

The boys also brought along a lifesize orangutan with an armspan of 3 metres to demonstrate how big they grow in the wild.  The children were quite taken by the size of this big toy !

Narrabeen's Child Care Centre

Although Daniel and William talked with the kids for 90 minutes about the orangutan and the destruction of its habitat, the focus of their visit was to demonstrate how anyone can make a difference if they put their mind to it using their quest as an example.


LtoR: William, Arno, Zuzanna (Arno's mum) and Daniel

Arno presenting Daniel and William with his drawing LtoR: William, Arno, Zuzanna (Arno’s mum) and Daniel

The boys visit was motivated by an email from the mother of five year old Arno who had taken it upon himself to help raise money to save the critically endangered orangutan.  In a short time, Arno had made himself a small collection tin, raised money by visiting family, friends and neighbours and then inspiring his kindergarten to follow suit.

Fund Raising

At the end of today’s visit Arno and the Narrabeen Children’s Centre had raised $206 for The Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program (protecting the orangutan habitat).  Daniel and William were amazed at such an incredible effort from a small determined group of kids at this wonderful child care centre – CONGRATULATIONS !!

The boys finished off the day by presenting the Centre with their very own ‘Buddy’ the Orangutan toy for the kids to continue to learn from.

Narrabeen's Child Care Centre

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