A Letter from Sir David Attenborough

david attenboroughAfter Daniel and William watched the latest documentary from Sir David Attenborough the boys felt compelled to let him know there are people out there who still deeply care for the environment.

This documentary (A life on our planet), according to Sir David, is his ‘Witness Statement’ of a life lived in front of the camera, around the world, working with many different animals in many different environments and witnessing first hand the impact of global warming.  Sir David says in his documentary, “How, if we act now, we can put it right”.

While the documentary ended with a sense of hope and forewarning, it served as a reason for the boys to send him a copy of their books to let him know of their continued work in saving the critically endangered orangutans.  They boys also let Sir David know how their work is also inspiring the next generation to care for the environment.

Sir David Attenborough

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As Sir David is in his 94th year they were not expecting a reply and yet, in the mail today, to the complete shock of both boys, they received a hand written letter from Sir David.

The letter says;

“Dear Daniel Clarke, It is most kind of you to give me a copy of your books.  I send you my heartfelt congratulations on all you are doing to help orang-utans.  Best Wishes, David Attenborough”

Daniel said, “Thank you Sir David, you are an inspiration for both William and I and that inspiration has led to thousands of people being inspired by our work.”

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