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We received this wonderful email from a Teacher…

“…After watching the Australian Story episode in March, I was inspired to show it (on iview) to my class of new arrivals students (to Australia) preparing for year 10. The class really connected with Daniel and William’s story and from that I created a few teaching materials that went with the ABC documentary to complement our film studies unit and support the learning of persuasive writing. I ordered a hard & soft cover edition of the book in March and then ordered a class set of the book (20 copies) for this term. I am in the process of creating some literacy resources for the book as well.

I consider the book to be an exceptional teaching tool both for literacy and for conservation awareness raising. But it is also a book that talks to readers about the achievement of dreams and the power of youth against obstacles. I’m using it with ESL students in senior high school yet it is equally suitable for young children in primary schools – it does indeed have a very wide audience with its superb photographs, simple written text and engaging “Fun Facts”.

My Term 2 class have just finished reading “Tears in the Jungle” and have sent me some observations about it and I’d like to share some with you.  I’m particularly pleased with their reactions because these are students from different cultures who haven’t always been exposed to ideas of the need for environmental . You may want to use some of their quotes too!

Jason 17 from China

I think “Tears in the Jungle” is an inspiring book. When I finished this book, I felt enormous sympathy for the orang-utans in Borneo. The boys want us to know about the situation of orangutans in Borneo and take some measures to save them. The book has lots of great photographs making it easy to understand their message. I feel a great shame at not saving a near extinct species because I had never thought about it before reading this book. Now I think I should do some good things for society. It is really an inspirational book because it tells us every one can do a special thing if he is determined to do so.

Before I read the book, I was only inspired by successful men but now I think I should change my idea. Maybe we should take more responsibility for things around us. I think it is a very useful book for life and can help us think about the value of life better.

Tara 16 from China

I think “Tears in the Jungle” is a very interesting and helpful book. It tells us about the problems orangutans face from deforestation. It says humans and animals are equal on the earth, we should treat animals as we treat our friends. Daniel and William use many wonderful photographs to let people easily understand what they want to teach us. They let me understand that animals have feelings just like humans, they will treat us like we treat them.

The book is a way of understanding how deeply the brothers feel about protecting orang-utans and importantly their essential habitats They have turned their feelings into words and that really touched me.

Jasmine 15 from China

This is a fantastic book that was written by two young boys and tells people about their journey to Borneo to watch and stay with orang-utans. There are a lot of wonderful pictures that let people feel the strength of nature and make the book incredibly moving. The boys want to tell us that the earth doesn’t belong to humans but to all life. We should protect the endangered animals such as orang-utans because they are lovely and beautiful. The combination of words and photographs makes the book more emotive and readers can really feel what the boys have experienced.

They told me that life is wonderful by showing me fabulous pictures of orang-utans and their amazing journey let me realise that it is very important to protect rainforests for endangered animals.

The book is inspirational because it was written by two young brothers who want to raise money for orang-utans to protect their habitat.

With my classes I belong to a teacher Facebook type educational social media called ‘Edmodo”. It’s an international forum where teachers share ideas about new resources available. Would you mind if I post a link to your website?

Please pass on my congratulations to your wonderful sons

Yours faithfully

Anne Steiner

ESL Teacher Marsden, Intensive English Centre, Marsden High School

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