INXS’s Andrew Farriss Inspiration

Andrew Farriss from global supergroup INXS has just released his latest EP with his first song on the EP, Tears In The Rain, being inspired by our work to save the orangutans of Borneo and Sumatra and our book Tears In The Jungle.

Inspiration for the Song

In an interview with Sheldon Ang from Around The Sound, Andrew, who is a member of the Aria Hall of Fame, and Order of Australia recipient (AM), talked about the inspiration of writing Tears In The Rain saying, “The conservation of the rainforest for the well beings of the endangered orangutans in Borneo were inspired by the Clarke Brothers, forming the lugubrious journey of humankind’s fallibility”.

With his knack for great story telling and creating songs we attach to lifelong memories, Andrew has created an uplifting and memorable suite of themed songs reflective of these extraordinary times we are facing.

His lyrics invoke emotions to get us thinking and talking about the environment and about how we can all help on such important issues.  Listen to Tears In The Rain here

If you would like to discover why Andrew was so inspired by our journey, watch our six minute video with footage of us travelling up the Sekonyer River in Borneo to see the orangutans in the wild as mentioned in the song.

When we first heard the song

The song, ‘Tears In The Rain‘ (available for purchase on Andrew’s ‘Love Makes The World’ EP) was first performed in front of a live audience with us as their special guests.  Halfway through the concert INXS’s drummer, Tim Farriss with Ciaran Gribbin, introduced the song and mentioned to the crowd it was, “…inspired by Daniel and Williams book, Tears In The Jungle…”.  You can only imagine our reaction when we heard them announced it on stage (Read more about it here).

Thank you Andrew

Thank you Andrew for your continued support.  You are a legend.  We are so humbled that our journey to save the orangutan has inspired you to write such a wonderful song and this song has resonated so strongly for inclusion on your first solo EP.

All your songs on this EP are incredible.

Dan and Will.

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Sacred Heart has hearts for Orangutan

Orangutan sacred heart school wins Orangutan sacred heartsSacred Heart School in Fitzroy, Melbourne, chatted with Daniel and William about their orangutan quest.  Sacred Heart is an amazing school with 115 students located right in the heart of the housing commission towers, a community of great cultural diversity.  They were featured recently on SBS World News for their efforts in remote learning.

Studying Sustainability

Their year 5/6 students are currently using ‘Fight for Survival‘ as a key text in their study of the environment focusing on sustainability and how they can protect and save our planet.

Daniel and William talking with Orangutan sacred heartAs the students at Sacred Heart are back to remote learning, their teacher, Mary McCormick, asked Daniel and William to join them on a Google Meet chat to talk with the students about their quest to save the critically endangered orangutans.  With 30 students and 3 teachers ready to chat, Daniel and William answered many questions that the students had prepared for them.  From, “Why did you choose orangutans to save?“, “Why are the feeding stations needed?” and “What are the alternatives to using products with palm oil and, as consumers, how do we reduce the need for palm oil?“.  The students had so many great questions and the boys were able to share with the students links to help them further with their studies;

Art for Orangutans

Daniel and William let the students know about a new initiative from The Orangutan Project called Orang-ARTan, an art competition for students to help the orangutans.  You can enter individually or as a class group with great prizes.  All registration fees go directly to the care of orangutans who still need our help more than ever with this global pandemic.  Registration closes on the 30th September, 2020.

Orangutan sacred heart

Daniel and William at an orangutan care centre in Ketapang, Borneo in 2014

As orangutans share 97% of our DNA they are vulnerable to human respiratory diseases, so when Coronavirus became a global pandemic, the Care Centres in Borneo have gone into lockdown with all staff wearing personal protective equipment such as masks, face shields, gloves and protective clothing when in direct contact with the orangutans in an attempt to protect the orangutans from this virus.

The Google Chat was a great success and ended with the School Captains thanking Daniel and William for their time and being part of this amazing chat.  One student had the teachers in tears as she said, “Thank you Daniel and William, you have inspired me to be better!“.

What a way to end a chat… amazing !  Thank you Sacred Heart.

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Home Learning Helping Hand

How can we help parents and teachers?

Click here to go to our store

With the massive uptake of our education module and the impact of the Corona Virus we realised the importance for students to have their own copy of our books to compliment their learning from home.  To ensure our books are available to everyone we have drastically reduced the prices (up to 60% off and only while stocks last – we don’t have many left so if you want one you will need to get in quick)

Both books (as a package) are now just $19.95 (Normally $49.90) !!

If you wanted to purchase the books separately we have reduced both of them to just $12 each (plus postage and handling)

So many schools and teachers around Australia have let us know how amazing the education module has been for the development of students understanding of their world and the environment.  The module was developed by the NSW Department of Education and is based on our books and adventures and covers a full term of work ready for access by teachers.

Please stay safe everyone.

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Young Achiever Awards Finalist

7 News Young Achievers Awards NSW and ACT

Congratulations to Daniel and William who have been chosen as one of the four finalists for the First National Real Estate Leadership Award.  This award acknowledges young people who set an example through their leadership and drive, paving the way for others to follow.

The winner will be announced at the awards presentation dinner on the 20th March, 2020 in a gala event held at Doltone House in Sydney.

“We are honoured to have been chosen as finalists in this award.  We hope our story can continue to inspire the next generation to look after our environment and keep many animals from becoming extinct”, William said.

What started as a quest and passion to save the orangutans at just 8 and 10 years old in 2008 has led the boys on an amazing journey.  Over the past 11 years they have raised $875,000 to save the orangutan, written 2 best selling Australian Books and have met and been recognised by Prime Ministers, Royalty and US Presidents.

“We are incredibly proud of our two books being accepted into the NSW Education Curriculum as a terms work for Primary School students.  We hope that teachers around Australia will utilise this piece of work and align the educational outcomes into their existing curriculums.  We have met so many wonderful people along our journey who have been incredibly supportive of us and our quest.  Thank you for sharing our passion and caring for our environment.  We are all making a difference”, Daniel Clarke.


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IPPY Awards

International Recognition for Young Authors

Daniel and William are thrilled to have been recognised internationally for their second book, Fight for Survival, at the IPPY Awards.

After receiving an email 4 weeks ago advising they had won the gold medal, last week Daniel and William travelled to New York, USA to receive their gold medal for their latest book, Fight for Survival.

IPPY Awards

The International IPPY Awards in New York is in its 23rd year and considered as the Oscars of the Independent Book Publishing world attracting entrants from across the globe.

ippy awardsThis year there was over 4,000 entrants across 85 categories from places such as Australia, Canada, USA, UK, France, New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland as well as many more.

The boys won the Gold Medal in the Animals and Pets section and were thrilled when their names were called out to be presented with their medal. Beaming from ear to ear the boys said it was a thrill to be recognised at such a prestigious event for the work they have been doing to save the critically endangered orangutans.

We met with so many wonderful authors on the night who shared their books with us, as well as their own stories in getting their books published as independent authors.

ippy awards

William and Daniel Clarke, winners of the Pets and Animals Section, with the Silver and Bronze medallists

Book Expo

Book Expo following the IPPY AwardsOver the following three days the boys attended the “Book Expo” held at the Javits International Convention Centre, in New York, where they met with authors, publishers and promotional organisations based in America.

“We met with several people who were interested to help our quest and spread the message about the orangutans into the north American market. We will have to see where that may lead”, Daniel said.

Daniel and William at Book Expo following Ippy Award

The boys are excited to be able to spread the message about the plight of the orangutans to a greater audience across the other side of the world and to start conversations about how we can all help save our environments for the future.

The more people we can talk with, the greater chance we have to save the orangutans from extinction.  Our message is of Hope, that we can work together, within our environment, for our future generations to enjoy, explore and continue to preserve.“,

William Clarke.


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Jane Goodall Visit

Daniel and William with Jane GoodallDaniel and William were invited to attend Taronga Zoo’s new institute of Science and Learning centre in an afternoon with Dr Jane Goodall.

The event was a gathering of dedicated conservationists and YATZ who had the chance to listen to Dr Goodall on her “Rewind The Future” Tour around Australia.  This wonderful speaking engagement allowed her followers to ask many questions on her life’s work and how we can work together to save our environment for the future.

Macquarie University & Dr Jane Goodall

On May 7th, Daniel and William were also invited to speak at Macquarie University’s Compassionate Leadership and Effective Advocacy Conference hosted by the Centre Environmental Law as well as Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots program in Australia.

Daniel and william with jane goodall

Dr Jane Goodall, William Clarke, Daniel Clarke and Macquarie University’s Zara Bending.

The boys spoke passionately to the teacher delegates from schools from around Sydney, sharing their journey and quest to save the critically endangered orangutan in Borneo and Sumatra and offering inspiration and support to our next generation to be empowered to make change for the protection of our environment.

The day was a great success culminating at the end with the boys meeting up again with Jane who expressed her gratitude in the work that the boys are achieving in their quest to save the orangutan.

Jane Goodall is passionate about empowering future leaders with her call to action…

“Yes we can! Yes we will!”

Jane’s message is one of hope, unity and inspiration, that together we will secure a shared future for wildlife and people.

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Guildford Public School

Guildford Public School logo The students at Guildford Public School used Daniel and William’s talk today as inspiration to commence their own investigation/projects utilising the Tears in the Jungle – Stage 2 sustainability conceptual unit by the Department of Education.

The students had some amazing questions for the boys (and we have included some answers here);

  1. Why are orangutans orange?
  2. Why are orangutans endangered more than other apes?
    1. Daniel advised that all of the great apes are endangered and in fact the chimpanzees and gorillas are in a worse situation than the orangutan.
  3. Why do Sumatran Orangutans have longer hair than the Bornean Orangutans?
  4. How much food do orangutans eat per day?
    1. Orangutans eat up to 25 different types of food each day with males eating around 7 items daily and females consuming 9 items ranging from durian fruit to tiny figs.
  5. How can you adopt an orangutan?
    1. The boys spoke to the students about the The Orangutan Project’s website where they can adopt an orangutan for their class or even their own family.

Guildford Public SchoolThank you Guildford Public School for having us today – Good luck in your projects.

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Fight for Survival Awarded IPPY GOLD MEDAL

Ippy gold medal

The 2019 Independent Book Publishers Awards, held in New York, USA, has awarded a Gold Medal to Daniel and William’s second book, Fight for Survival.  The Independent Book Publishers Awards, known as the IPPY Awards, is the worlds largest independently published book awards.

Out of the 4,000 entries received from around the world their book, Fight for Survival was awarded the Gold Medal in the Animals and Pets section.

fight for survival - Ippy gold medal winning book

Notification of the Gold Medal win came via email and was initially received by their mother Penny Clarke.  “I couldn’t believe it. I was in shock.“, she said. “My husband kept saying to me, ‘What happened? you OK?’, and I just said, ‘They won, they won!’.”

It was fair to say we were all in shock with the exciting news“, Rodney Clarke said. “The IPPY Awards are like the Oscars of the self-publishing book world and to have this level of recognition for two young Australian authors is incredible“.


From the awards website, “The Independent Publisher Book Awards honor the year’s best independently published titles from around the world. The awards are intended to bring increased recognition to the thousands of exemplary independent, university, and self-published books released each year“.

On the 28th May, 2019 there will be an award ceremony held in New York city for the IPPY Awards where the winners will be presented with medals and treated to a gala evening at the famous Copacabana Club near Times Square.

As Gold Medal winners, Daniel and William are eligible to be part of the New Title Showcase at the New York City Book Expo from 29th – 31st May, 2019.  This international book expo is the largest annual book show in the United States.

CBCA 2018 Notable

This latest award is the second award Daniel and William have received for their book, the first award being listed in the Children’s Book Council of Australia 2018 Notables list.

If you would like your own copy of this award winning book please check out our online shop here.

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Helping Hands at Hoxton Park

On Monday 4th March, Jayden O’Brien, Teacher at Hoxton Park Public School, invited Daniel and William to come and speak with the students about their quest to save the orangutan. The school also took the opportunity to show the boys what they are doing to help get the message out.

Hoxton Park students listening intently

The students have created podcasts to raise awareness of the plight of the orangutan as well as for all endangered species. The students were filled with questions about how Daniel and William got started to save the orangutans? what motivated them to do this? and choose the orangutans over other species?

The students were inspired by the boys visit with many of them staying back to talk with the boys after they had completed their presentation.

Thank you Hoxton Park for having us.

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EZEC Conference a Success

After the success of having educational modules developed using our books, we were invited to speak at the 2019 Environmental and Zoo Education Centres (EZEC) Conference this week at Miramare Gardens at Terrey Hills, NSW.

It was brilliant to meet so many like minded people who take animals and the overall environment so seriously and understand the bigger picture. We were asked to present to all of the principals and teachers that were present about our quest and then were invited to attend a more intense workshop where the educational modules were discussed in more detail.

Branimir Lazendic and Daniel and William Clarke at EZEC Conference
William, Daniel and Branimir Lazendic, Principal Penrith Lakes Environment Education Centre

It was inspiring to listen to Gaye Braiding, a well respected curriculum writer for the NSW Department of Education and author of these education modules, talk about the books and the modules and how they relate to each of the Key Learning Areas (KLA’s).

Thank you to Branimir Lazendic for inviting us along as it was a great opportunity to address the EZEC community and it was an amazing experience for us as well.

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