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Tears In The Jungle: A Children’s Adventure to Save the Orangutan is a beautifully crafted children’s book recognised in Australia as a valuable teaching resource for Primary, Secondary and even in Universities as it crosses so many topics.

CBCA 2018 Notable

Now with the second book, “Fight For Survival” Daniel and William take their readers on a new journey with the addition of using QR Codes to show video of their latest adventure into the wilds of Borneo.

Fight for Survival has also been recognised by the Children’s Book Council of Australia in their 2018 Notables List and received a Gold Medal at the IPPY Awards in New York, USA.

Tears In The Jungle - Fun Fact

Tears In The Jungle is an educational way for readers to learn about the environment and understand how they can make a difference to their world.  Readers will be inspired at Daniel and William’s passion to save the orangutans and will love finding the ‘Fun Facts’ throughout the book marked with our special orangutan friend…

Did you know the title of the book uses a ‘Homograph‘ which is a word that, when you say it differently, has a different meaning…

Tear: to cry (orangutans),    Tear: to become torn (their habitat)

This elegant book tells the real life story of two courageous brothers and their quest to save the orangutan from extinction.  Faced with their own challenges (Daniel having cerebral palsy) these brothers tell their story of their trek through the jungles of Borneo to see the orangutan in the wild (twice via both books).

tears in the jungle - Daniel with orangutan babyThe photos contained throughout both books are breathtaking and inspiring for all ages and contain no graphic images.

The story follows their amazing encounters with orangutans at feeding stations, with beautiful babies at care centres as well as containing many facts and figures of what is one of our closest living relatives.  You will also stare into the eyes of large male orangutans and learn of their amazing power and strength.

Readers will also learn of the loving and peaceful nature of these critically endangered animals and how they share 97% of our DNA.



“My son Steve was just one person and yet he made a difference in our world…I am in awe of these two amazing young Australians”

Bob Irwin, Australian Conservationist  and father of  Steve Irwin, The Crocodile Hunter

Tears In The Jungle inspires readers of all ages to pick up a book and embrace a love of learning.  It marries close with our own philosophy of, “We learn to read, then we read to learn”.

Penny Clarke

Tears In The Jungle - One of the beautiful sample pages from the book

Baby orangutans at Jungle School

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be inspired by the journey of these amazing brothers and their quest to save the orangutan.

Tears In The Jungle - William and Siswi

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Tears In The Jungle has FSC AccreditationTears In The Jungle has been printed on recycled paper which has been sourced from responsible sources.

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