Daniel and William Trans Borneo Challenge Today showDaniel & William Return to Borneo to Launch the 2014 Trans Borneo Challenge

Daniel and William are kicking off the biggest fundraiser ever attempted for endangered orangutans, via their own Trans Borneo Challenge this July.

Trans Borneo Challenge 2014

Following their emotional journey to the jungles of Borneo back in 2008 which led to their world recognised book ‘Tears in the Jungle’, the boys will make their epic return this July on an adventure to the jungles and orangutan Trans Borneo Challengerescue centres of Central and West Kalimantan, Borneo. Their trip has been organised by Orangutan Odysseys alongside world renowned orangutan expert Leif Cocks (President of The Orangutan Project).

Every dollar donated gives you a chance to win a trip to any of the Orangutan Odyssey destinations valued at $4,000.


20130705-WEB-BUTTON-Buy-Their-book---SMALLIf you would rather purchase a copy of Daniel and William’s Best Selling Book, “Tears In The Jungle” please click on the button here…

Thank you for helping Daniel and William to save the orangutan!

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Willmott Park Promotes Primates

Willmott park primary schoolDaniel and William visited Willmott Park Primary School in Victoria to talk with students about the desperate plight of the orangutan.

Willmott Park Primary School organised for Daniel and William to come and present their amazing quest to their 700 students.

Willmott Park Primary School

This beautiful school in Craigieburn, Victoria organised for Daniel and William to hold two presentations throughout the day as well as stay back and talk to the kids about their quest.

It was also the first time the boys had the assistance of a Sign Language interpreter interpreting the boys presentation for the children who were either deaf or had a hearing impairment.

“It was an amazing experience for all of us”, Daniel said, “The kids sat mesmerised through each presentation.”

Leading up to the boys visit the teachers had worked with the children on conservation initiatives, orangutan habitats as well as some of the issues threatening their habitat such as the establishment of palm oil plantations.

The kids asked so many thoughtful questions it was really amazing”, William said.

Thank you so much for having us Willmott Park Primary School – you folks really understand the importance of taking action and educating our kids on the responsibilities in our world.

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Rotary Club rolls in with support

International Rotary ClubThe Rotary Club of Belrose has bowled in with support for Daniel and William’s Trans Borneo Challenge to help save the orangutan. Belrose Rotary Club have been following Daniel and William’s progress to save the orang-utan for many years now with the boys presenting their quest to the members of the club in April this year. Continue reading

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A Royal Encounter

Australia’s most effective orangutan advocate, Daniel Clarke (17) had a Royal encounter on Wednesday that he will never forget.

Invitation to a Royal EncounterDaniel received an invitation from Her Excellency The Honorable Marie Bashir, Governor of New South Wales, to attend a formal reception for Their Royal Highnesses, The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge at The Sydney Opera House, at the commencement of their Australian Tour on Wednesday 16th April, 2014.

Daniel, in his student leadership role at Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS) as Student Ambassador, along with Alec Green, School Captain (NBCS), were nominated by their Principal, Mr Stephen Harris.

A Precious Five Minutes

A royal encounterDaniel was fortunate to spend five minutes talking with the Duchess of Cambridge on The Royal Highnesses first official function here in Australia.  Accompanied by his mother Penny, officially as Daniel’s carer, Daniel presented a toy orangutan for Prince George, along with a copy of the book that he and his brother William wrote about their quest to save the critically endangered orangutan. Continue reading

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More Orangutan Habitat Protected

orangutan habitat

Their latest habitat protection certificate from The Orangutan Project

With contributions from schools and passionate individuals, Daniel and William have been able to protect another 9,504 acres of orangutan habitat, bringing their total money raised to $725,000 and the protection of 88,000 acres.

The boys are now planning on returning to Borneo in July this year to see the amazing work that has been performed by The Orangutan Project with the funds they have raised through their Safeguard Program.  They are also talking about using this trip to capture and write a second book in their amazing journey.

Can you help?

If you would like to help Daniel and William with the cost of their trip to Borneo please contact their father Rodney Clarke on rodney @

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International A-Team for Wildlife

Daniel and William are founding members of the International A-Team for Wildlife, an organisation, based in the USA, who has reached out to extraordinary young people around the world who have made it their mission to save our worlds endangered species.

International A-Team for Wildlife

Continue reading

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Impact Youth Forum making an impact in Wyong

Impact Youth ForumThe Impact Youth Forum is an amazing initiative of the Wyong Shire Council to engage high school students from the Wyong Shire to find and follow their passion and develop unparalleled leadership skills.

Impact Youth Forum

Continue reading

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Maraylya Public School promotes Eco Message

Maraylya Public School may be a small school situated in the beautiful Hawkesbury district of NSW, but it sure is big when it comes to understanding the importance of saving orangutans.

Maraylya Public School

Continue reading

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Young Hearts Saving Orangutans

Young Hearts Saving OrangutansFive year old Twyla from Sydney was inspired by Daniel and William’s quest to save the orangutans after hearing them speak at the Lady Game Kindergarten in October, 2012 in front of 100 children, family friends and guests.

Her Grandma, the director of the kindergarten, bought her a copy of the Tears in the Jungle book which she has absolutely loved and looks at often. Young Hearts Saving Orangutans According to her mother, Lilly, “She often hugs the book because of the beautiful orangutan on the cover”.  Her favourite picture is the orangutan with all of the bananas in his mouth. Continue reading

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Lone Droscher Nielsen

Daniel and William with Lone Droscher NielsenFrom  Air Hostess to owning and managing the worlds largest orangutan rehabilitation sanctuary, Nyaru Menteng, Lone Droscher Nielsen visited Sydney and met with Daniel and William in a national tour sponsored by BOS Australia last week. Continue reading

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