NBCS – Change Makers

Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS), stage 3 teachers invited Daniel and William to speak to their students in years 5 and 6 about their quest and how they are making a difference for the future.

NBCS Presentation

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Narrabeen Sports High School

Narrabeen Sports High School Daniel and William were thrilled to be asked by the English Faculty at Narrabeen Sports High School to talk with their Year 8 students about making a difference and their quest to save the orangutan.

Prepared with new material from their latest trip to Borneo in July 2014, the boys spoke of the progress that had been made and the issues still facing the orangutan in their fight for survival.

120 Year 8 students sat silently listening to William recount his experience with a 35 year old female orangutan on the wharf and Camp Leakey in Borneo and how it changed his life forever.

Tears In the jungle speaking at Narrabeen sports high school Continue reading

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They’re Back !!

Hi Everyone, after a very busy eight months Daniel and William are back on track with their quest to save the orangutan.

After revisiting Borneo mid last year Daniel came straight back into the trials for the HSC and then sat for the HSC in November last year.  He has now commenced 2015 in his first year of University and is loving it.

William has entered Year 11 and has already started on their second book !!

Stay tuned for more updates from the boys as they continue their quest…

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Child Care Centre goes APE !

Narrabeen's Child Care Centre


Narrabeen Children’s Centre received a pleasant surprise when the authors of the book they were reading to the children surprised them with a visit.

28 kindergarten students were pleasantly surprised when, after reading a book about the critically endangered orangutan (“Tears In The Jungle”), the books authors, Daniel and William Clarke surprised them with a visit.  One child was so amazed to see them they said, “I didn’t think you were real!”.

The boys also brought along a lifesize orangutan with an armspan of 3 metres to demonstrate how big they grow in the wild.  The children were quite taken by the size of this big toy !

Narrabeen's Child Care Centre

Although Daniel and William talked with the kids for 90 minutes about the orangutan and the destruction of its habitat, the focus of their visit was to demonstrate how anyone can make a difference if they put their mind to it using their quest as an example.


LtoR: William, Arno, Zuzanna (Arno's mum) and Daniel

Arno presenting Daniel and William with his drawing LtoR: William, Arno, Zuzanna (Arno’s mum) and Daniel

The boys visit was motivated by an email from the mother of five year old Arno who had taken it upon himself to help raise money to save the critically endangered orangutan.  In a short time, Arno had made himself a small collection tin, raised money by visiting family, friends and neighbours and then inspiring his kindergarten to follow suit.

Fund Raising

At the end of today’s visit Arno and the Narrabeen Children’s Centre had raised $206 for The Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program (protecting the orangutan habitat).  Daniel and William were amazed at such an incredible effort from a small determined group of kids at this wonderful child care centre – CONGRATULATIONS !!

The boys finished off the day by presenting the Centre with their very own ‘Buddy’ the Orangutan toy for the kids to continue to learn from.

Narrabeen's Child Care Centre

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Portland Promotes Primates !!

Inspired by Daniel and William’s quest to save the orangutan, a small school with just 86 students, in the south of Victoria has raised eyebrows and funds to help with the boys quest.

Portland Primary School

LtoR; Manning Leslie, raffle winner Jie-Lee Gardiner and Catriona Alexander

World Orangutan Day was August 19th and to raise awareness towards the plight, and possible extinction, of the Orangutan, Portland Primary School kids went orange for the day!!

School captains, Catriona Alexander and Manning Leslie, both have a particular interest in Orangutans. This interest began when Manning watched a TV program on the rescue and rehabilitation of orangutans and discussed this topic at school.  Catriona was in the audience and realised they shared the same interest. Catriona had also watched many programs on the orangutan and ways to help their survival.

Portland Primary School

Best Costume Winners; Sienna Stone and Tadhg McMillan

Catriona and Manning banded together and organised a fundraiser where students dressed in orange for the day and had their hair sprayed orange.  They also organised orange fruit salad for lunch, in exchange for gold coin donations and raffled a toy Orangutan purchased from the Tears In The Jungle shop.

The school raised $217.65 and this has been donated to “The Orangutan Project”.

Well done kids !!

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Today Show

As part of promoting their Trans Borneo Challenge Fund Raising Event, Daniel and William appeared on Channel Nine’s, Today Show.

Today Show

Along with journalist Alicia Loxley, Daniel and William were able to tell the viewers how their quest started and what they hoped to achieve by returning to Borneo.  The boys spoke about their own Trans Borneo Challenge and their desire to write a second book showing the progress of their fund raising over the last five years.

The boys are also promoting Orangutan Odyssey’s Trans Borneo Challenge and how all money raised for The Orangutan Project is the biggest fund raising event of its kind on global scale.

Trans Borneo ChallengeWe have been inundated with support and donations for the Trans Borneo Challenge – “Thank you so much, with your help I believe we can all save the orangutan from extinction”, Daniel Clarke.

Daniel and William wanted to thank everyone on the Today Show that made it such a great morning, especially Karl and Alicia.  “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help spread our message about the orangutans plight to all your viewers around Australia.”, William said.

“We understand that the orangutan is not the only single animal relying on the Borneo jungle, there are also many other species that will die, along with the orangutan, once the habitat has been destroyed.  Your support in helping us save the orangutan goes so much further than just saving the orangutan – you are saving both plant and animal species critical to the survival of the jungle as well as the local tribes that rely on the jungle to survive”, Daniel and William Clarke

While at the studios the boys were able to meet a few celebrity faces that were happy to be added their Celebrity Support page… (Click on the photos)

Justice Crew on Today Show

Justice Crew

Karl Stefanovic on Today Show

Karl Stefanovic

David Campbell on Today Show

David Campbell







Alicia Loxley on Today Show

Alicia Loxley


20130705-WEB-BUTTON-Buy-Their-book---SMALLIf you would like to purchase the boys book, “Tears In the Jungle” please click on the button…

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Daniel and William Trans Borneo Challenge Today showDaniel & William Return to Borneo to Launch the 2014 Trans Borneo Challenge

Daniel and William are kicking off the biggest fundraiser ever attempted for endangered orangutans, via their own Trans Borneo Challenge this July.

Trans Borneo Challenge 2014

Following their emotional journey to the jungles of Borneo back in 2008 which led to their world recognised book ‘Tears in the Jungle’, the boys will make their epic return this July on an adventure to the jungles and orangutan Trans Borneo Challengerescue centres of Central and West Kalimantan, Borneo. Their trip has been organised by Orangutan Odysseys alongside world renowned orangutan expert Leif Cocks (President of The Orangutan Project).

Every dollar donated gives you a chance to win a trip to any of the Orangutan Odyssey destinations valued at $4,000.


20130705-WEB-BUTTON-Buy-Their-book---SMALLIf you would rather purchase a copy of Daniel and William’s Best Selling Book, “Tears In The Jungle” please click on the button here…

Thank you for helping Daniel and William to save the orangutan!

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Willmott Park Promotes Primates

Willmott park primary schoolDaniel and William visited Willmott Park Primary School in Victoria to talk with students about the desperate plight of the orangutan.

Willmott Park Primary School organised for Daniel and William to come and present their amazing quest to their 700 students.

Willmott Park Primary School

This beautiful school in Craigieburn, Victoria organised for Daniel and William to hold two presentations throughout the day as well as stay back and talk to the kids about their quest.

It was also the first time the boys had the assistance of a Sign Language interpreter interpreting the boys presentation for the children who were either deaf or had a hearing impairment.

“It was an amazing experience for all of us”, Daniel said, “The kids sat mesmerised through each presentation.”

Leading up to the boys visit the teachers had worked with the children on conservation initiatives, orangutan habitats as well as some of the issues threatening their habitat such as the establishment of palm oil plantations.

The kids asked so many thoughtful questions it was really amazing”, William said.

Thank you so much for having us Willmott Park Primary School – you folks really understand the importance of taking action and educating our kids on the responsibilities in our world.

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Rotary Club rolls in with support

International Rotary ClubThe Rotary Club of Belrose has bowled in with support for Daniel and William’s Trans Borneo Challenge to help save the orangutan. Belrose Rotary Club have been following Daniel and William’s progress to save the orang-utan for many years now with the boys presenting their quest to the members of the club in April this year. Continue reading

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A Royal Encounter

Australia’s most effective orangutan advocate, Daniel Clarke (17) had a Royal encounter on Wednesday that he will never forget.

Invitation to a Royal EncounterDaniel received an invitation from Her Excellency The Honorable Marie Bashir, Governor of New South Wales, to attend a formal reception for Their Royal Highnesses, The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge at The Sydney Opera House, at the commencement of their Australian Tour on Wednesday 16th April, 2014.

Daniel, in his student leadership role at Northern Beaches Christian School (NBCS) as Student Ambassador, along with Alec Green, School Captain (NBCS), were nominated by their Principal, Mr Stephen Harris.

A Precious Five Minutes

A royal encounterDaniel was fortunate to spend five minutes talking with the Duchess of Cambridge on The Royal Highnesses first official function here in Australia.  Accompanied by his mother Penny, officially as Daniel’s carer, Daniel presented a toy orangutan for Prince George, along with a copy of the book that he and his brother William wrote about their quest to save the critically endangered orangutan. Continue reading

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