Jane Goodall Visit

Daniel and William with Jane GoodallDaniel and William were invited to attend Taronga Zoo’s new institute of Science and Learning centre in an afternoon with Dr Jane Goodall.

The event was a gathering of dedicated conservationists and YATZ who had the chance to listen to Dr Goodall on her “Rewind The Future” Tour around Australia.  This wonderful speaking engagement allowed her followers to ask many questions on her life’s work and how we can work together to save our environment for the future.

Macquarie University & Dr Jane Goodall

On May 7th, Daniel and William were also invited to speak at Macquarie University’s Compassionate Leadership and Effective Advocacy Conference hosted by the Centre Environmental Law as well as Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots program in Australia.

Daniel and william with jane goodall
Dr Jane Goodall, William Clarke, Daniel Clarke and Macquarie University’s Zara Bending.

The boys spoke passionately to the teacher delegates from schools from around Sydney, sharing their journey and quest to save the critically endangered orangutan in Borneo and Sumatra and offering inspiration and support to our next generation to be empowered to make change for the protection of our environment.

The day was a great success culminating at the end with the boys meeting up again with Jane who expressed her gratitude in the work that the boys are achieving in their quest to save the orangutan.

Jane Goodall is passionate about empowering future leaders with her call to action…

“Yes we can! Yes we will!”

Jane’s message is one of hope, unity and inspiration, that together we will secure a shared future for wildlife and people.