INXS’s Andrew Farriss Inspiration

Andrew Farriss from global supergroup INXS has just released his latest EP with his first song on the EP, Tears In The Rain, being inspired by our work to save the orangutans of Borneo and Sumatra and our book Tears In The Jungle.

Inspiration for the Song

In an interview with Sheldon Ang from Around The Sound, Andrew, who is a member of the Aria Hall of Fame, and Order of Australia recipient (AM), talked about the inspiration of writing Tears In The Rain saying, “The conservation of the rainforest for the well beings of the endangered orangutans in Borneo were inspired by the Clarke Brothers, forming the lugubrious journey of humankind’s fallibility”.

With his knack for great story telling and creating songs we attach to lifelong memories, Andrew has created an uplifting and memorable suite of themed songs reflective of these extraordinary times we are facing.

His lyrics invoke emotions to get us thinking and talking about the environment and about how we can all help on such important issues.  Listen to Tears In The Rain here

If you would like to discover why Andrew was so inspired by our journey, watch our six minute video with footage of us travelling up the Sekonyer River in Borneo to see the orangutans in the wild as mentioned in the song.

When we first heard the song

The song, ‘Tears In The Rain‘ (available for purchase on Andrew’s ‘Love Makes The World’ EP) was first performed in front of a live audience with us as their special guests.  Halfway through the concert INXS’s drummer, Tim Farriss with Ciaran Gribbin, introduced the song and mentioned to the crowd it was, “…inspired by Daniel and Williams book, Tears In The Jungle…”.  You can only imagine our reaction when we heard them announced it on stage (Read more about it here).

Thank you Andrew

Thank you Andrew for your continued support.  You are a legend.  We are so humbled that our journey to save the orangutan has inspired you to write such a wonderful song and this song has resonated so strongly for inclusion on your first solo EP.

All your songs on this EP are incredible.

Dan and Will.

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