Guildford Public School

Guildford Public School logo The students at Guildford Public School used Daniel and William’s talk today as inspiration to commence their own investigation/projects utilising the Tears in the Jungle – Stage 2 sustainability conceptual unit by the Department of Education.

The students had some amazing questions for the boys (and we have included some answers here);

  1. Why are orangutans orange?
  2. Why are orangutans endangered more than other apes?
    1. Daniel advised that all of the great apes are endangered and in fact the chimpanzees and gorillas are in a worse situation than the orangutan.
  3. Why do Sumatran Orangutans have longer hair than the Bornean Orangutans?
  4. How much food do orangutans eat per day?
    1. Orangutans eat up to 25 different types of food each day with males eating around 7 items daily and females consuming 9 items ranging from durian fruit to tiny figs.
  5. How can you adopt an orangutan?
    1. The boys spoke to the students about the The Orangutan Project’s website where they can adopt an orangutan for their class or even their own family.

Guildford Public SchoolThank you Guildford Public School for having us today – Good luck in your projects.

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