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    Posted on by rc

    Visit to Australia Zoo

    Daniel and William were invited to visit the Australia Zoo, Beerwah, QLD.

    four people with one person in a wheelchair feeding a giraffeUpon arrival the boys were greeted by Bill Ferguson, Government Relations Manager, who escorted the family for the day showing them all of the amazing improvements the zoo has made from almost 10 years ago since Daniel and William were last there.

    The most amazing area to see was the African Savannah with 8 acres for the giraffe, zebra and white rhino’s to graze at their leisure.  The boys were able to feed ‘Forest’, the tallest giraffe in captivity in the world, which was incredible.

    boy in wheelchair with meerkat on his shoulderThe boys also visited the meerkats and were able to have an amazing encounter with them with the keeper explaining all about them.  They were able to give the meerkats a few treats including  carrots, zucchini and their favourite mealworms.

    Daniel and William were also given a tour of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital which is one of Australia’s largest wildlife hospitals.  It runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with the most incredible caring staff and relies solely on donations to continue its work.

    Daniel and William with Irwin family inside veterinarian operating theatre presenting booksWhile at the wildlife hospital the boys were fortunate to meet with Terri Irwin, Robert, Bindi and Chandler.  It was a great meeting of incredible conservationists together in one place.

    Daniel and William presented their books to the Irwin family and Bindi surprised the boys with a signed copy of her latest book for them! “Creating a Conservation Legacy” by Bindi Irwin.  inside cover of bindi irwins book titled a conservation legacyThe book celebrates Australia Zoo’s 50 years with Bindi including hundreds of photos documenting the early days of the zoo through to today’s achievements.

    five people walking on a stone path with one person in a wheelchair with grass on the edgeThe Irwins were very proud of what Daniel and William have achieved in their conservation efforts to save the orangutan.  The day ended with Terri and Rosemary Booth, wildlife veterinarian and Director of the hospital, giving the boys a behind-the-scene tour of the hospital to see, first hand, the work they are doing to save all the wildlife that comes through their door.

    Thank you to the Irwin family for an incredibly amazing day.  It was so great to meet and talk with you.

    Steve has always been our inspiration from the beginning of our quest.

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