INXS song inspired by Tears In The Jungle

Daniel and William were invited to attend INXS’s last performance on their Coast to Coast tour on 15th July, out at Penrith Panthers.  It was the boys first time they had ever been to a rock concert so we knew they were going to have a great night.

After receiving a wonderful video message of support from INXS earlier this year they were thrilled to receive an invitation to come along before the show and meet all the guys in person.  William had the idea to give each of the band members a toy orangutan to say thanks for their support and video message (the guys loved them).

Half way through the concert Tim Farriss took the microphone to announce the next song was ‘new’ and inspired by Daniel and William Clarke and their work to save the orangutans.  The boys had the most shocked expression on their faces and yet the smiles went from ear to ear.  They were thrilled to think their book had inspired a legendary rock band to write a song.   Both Daniel and William LOVED it as it had a real jungle beat to it.

The song is called, “Tears In The Rain” and you can see it here…

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