Young Hearts Saving Orangutans

Young Hearts Saving OrangutansFive year old Twyla from Sydney was inspired by Daniel and William’s quest to save the orangutans after hearing them speak at the Lady Game Kindergarten in October, 2012 in front of 100 children, family friends and guests.

Her Grandma, the director of the kindergarten, bought her a copy of the Tears in the Jungle book which she has absolutely loved and looks at often. Young Hearts Saving Orangutans According to her mother, Lilly, “She often hugs the book because of the beautiful orangutan on the cover”.  Her favourite picture is the orangutan with all of the bananas in his mouth.

Taking action

Twyla was particularly motivated to do something when she became aware the orangutans were endangered and felt she had the support of her friend to take action.

Young Hearts Saving OrangutansTwyla and Annabelle came up with the idea of raising money for the orangutan, just like Daniel and William, and so they organised to bake chocolate cup cakes and melting moments to sell by the side of the road outside Twyla’s house. With the help of her mum, Lilly, these two amazing little girls raised $60 to help save the orangutans.

The funds raised will sponsor a baby orangutan, through Daniel and William’s orangutan quest, via The Orangutan Project.

Their incredible efforts will help save the life of a baby orangutan… WELL DONE GIRLS !!


If you would like to help save the life of an orphaned orangutan you can adopt one by CLICKING HERE or donate directly to;

The Orangutan Project – Daniel Clarke Appeal


BSB:  035 010

Account:  17 7686

All donations are tax deductible.