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  • Maraylya Public School promotes Eco Message

    Posted on by rc

    Maraylya Public School may be a small school situated in the beautiful Hawkesbury district of NSW, but it sure is big when it comes to understanding the importance of saving orangutans.

    Maraylya Public School

    Over the past couple of months their Stage 2 class (3/4) has been studying sustainability with their teacher Mrs Mackey.  Of course, ‘Tears In The Jungle’ was a key text they used as part of this unit.

    “The class were so inspired by Daniel and William’s book they organised a mufti day, raising almost $280.00”, Mrs Mackey said.   The kids were asked to bring a gold coin donation, and their favourite soft toy animal, to enter in competitions on the day.  They had a fun-filled afternoon which was even covered by the local newspaper, the Hawkesbury Gazette (see photo).  The following Wednesday the school was on the front page of the Gazette with the book “Tears in the Jungle” featuring in the photo and some toy orangutans.


    Mrs Fiona Mackey and Class 3/4 at Maraylya Public School

    Mrs Mackey and the class decided to use the money to buy 15 copies of the book “Tears in the Jungle” and donate the books to the other 14 small schools in and around the Hawkesbury district for their library. This way they were helping Daniel and William’s cause to save the orangutans and bring further awareness of the plight of the orangutan to all the children in the surrounding small schools.

    The class, as part of their work in public speaking, attended each schools’ assemblies and spoke about the knowledge they had gained from the book and presented it to the school on behalf of Class 3/4 at Maraylya Public School.

    Mrs Mackey said, “What an amazing journey from one book written by two boys who wanted to save the orangutans! Class 3/4 at Maraylya Public School would like to thank Daniel and William for producing such a beautifully inspiring book and hope many other schools, after reading this story, might consider following in our footsteps to empower schools around their areas to help this worthy cause.”

    Thank you Mrs Mackey, your class and your school is truly amazing !!

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