Kindy Kids Saving Orangutans

The Lady Game Community Kindergarten at Lindfield, on Sydney’s North Shore, have been warming up for Daniel and William’s visit all year and today the kids were delighted to finally meet the boys in person.

The afternoon started with all the children singing two songs to Daniel and William about orangutans that they had made up with their teachers and then sung beautifully. This one (below) was sung to the tune of “I’m a little teapot“…

“I’m an orange orangutan short and fat,
I swing through the trees with a baby on my back
When it comes to night time, I find my nest
In the trees I like to rest”

Around 100 people (grandparents, parents and children) came to meet Daniel and William and hear their presentation on the critically endangered orangutan and were inspired to know what the boys were doing in regards to sponsoring orangutan habitat in Borneo (Currently 20,500 acres at the time of writing).

At the end of the presentation Daniel and William were approached by two of the children and presented with a beautifully bound book of drawings and paintings the children had done leading up to the boys visit.  Both Daniel and William were quite overwhelmed at how their message had been embraced by the children and how they had decorated their kindergarten with hanging vines and orangutan paintings on the walls.  All the kids wore orangutan ears throughout the presentation which they had made themselves – it was GREAT !

Leading up to today’s presentation the kindergarten had raised money for the orangutan and presented the boys with a money tin with $300.10 raised.  The children raised the funds by holding a ‘massage day’ for the mums and dads for a gold coin donation…what amazing entrepreneurs !

The money will go towards sponsoring land through BOS Australia and their habitat protection projects.

Thanks everyone for a great day !