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    Day 4 of the boys orang-utan tour was incredibly busy.  Primary school talk, visiting two Kia dealers and finishing with a book signing at the Paperchain bookstore, Manuka.

    Red Hill Primary School

    Daniel and William presented to Year 1 and Year 6 at Red Hill Primary school first thing this morning.  The kids were amazingly well behaved and although Dan & Wills presentation contained detailed facts it was amazing to see how all the kids understood most of the concepts presented.  The question and answer time after the presentation was a good combination of orang-utan queries as well as questions around how Daniel ended up having cerebral palsy and being in a wheelchair.  All of the questions were well thought out, were very engaging and showed many enquiring minds.

    National Capital Motors Kia

    We dropped in to see Dale Brede, Principal at National Capital Motors Kia to show him our Kia Grand Carnival as well as drop off a copy of Daniel and William’s book and DVD.  He was really impressed with the boys journey and, more than anything, there was a deep appreciation of the boys passion and personal sacrifice to follow their quest – Thanks Dale.

    John McGrath Kia

    The sales manager, Michael Shanahan, of John McGrath Kia was on hand to meet the boys and receive a copy of their book and DVD.  Several of the team came out to look at the car and marvel at the imagery on each side.  Daniel and William spoke with Michael to explain what they are doing and their quest to make a difference.

    It was a great opportunity to let more people know of the issues facing the orangutan and its habitat – Thanks Michael.

    Book Signing at Paperchain Bookstores, Manuka

    This evening saw Daniel and William attend the Paperchain Bookstore at Manuka for their first official book signing.  The shop was packed with many people in the store purchasing their book and getting it signed by the boys.  Many kids from Red Hill Primary School attended todays book signing after seeing the boys at their school earlier today.  Abbie Grant from the store interviewed the boys with some very well thought out questions.  The boys recounted their journey through the jungles of Borneo as well as some of the many challenges they faced in writing their book together.  They talked about their new ambassador ship for the National Year of Reading as well as their letter from President Barack Obama.

    A very big thank you to the owners of Paperchain Bookstore who had the foresight to make this such a fantastic event.  A special thank you goes to Abbie Grant for doing all the coordination – the boys had a GREAT time.

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