Due to the NSW Teachers strike today we were able to relocate the presentation to Temora Public School to yesterday.  This allowed us to have an unexpected, yet welcomed, day to ourselves… so how did we spend it you may ask?


You may be thinking, “What is out at Temora?”… the answer is, the real Australia.

Incredible contrast
Green onside (clover) and Brown the other (Barley and Wheat)

After visiting Temora our whole family came away changed by an amazing appreciation of the real Australia.  The pace is not like city life, and we can all understand that, but the sheer beauty that exists in so many forms is just amazing.  The town, the people, the friendly atmosphere, the food and the beautiful tap water (unlike Sydney water, it doesn’t have a smell to it!!)… it was all just beautiful.

It is true that everyone knows everyone in a small country town, so we were particularly fortunate to have an amazing friend (Janet Murphy) who was our guide in this beautiful place (thanks Janet).

DH82A Tiger Moth (Still flys regularly!)

We took the opportunity to show the boys around Temora and visited the Temora Aviation Museum as well as the Temora Rural Museum.

The Temora Aviation Museum was amazing.  All of the aircraft are in working order and are flown regularly.  The museum is a working museum with paid engineers keeping the aircraft in top working order as well as an army of dedicated volunteer who, out of sheer passion for the cause, spend their time explaining and conveying their passion to all visitors of these wonderful machines.  (A big Thank You to ‘Glenn’ who spent so much time explaining the aircraft intricacies to Daniel and William).

Pretty much everywhere we went the boys were recognised by kids as well as families who had heard of them coming to the town and talking about the orang-utan.  We even had elderly people approach us saying, “You the kids doing all the palm oil stuff?”, so it would appear that their message is being reached through all age groups.

The local newspaper, “The Temora Independent” will be running a story on Daniel and William’s visit this Friday so we will post a copy up on the website when we get it.

Their steam locomotive selection is the biggest I have ever seen - easily 30+ vehicles !!

One of the many locomotives at the Temora Rural Museum

We then went on to visit the Temora Rural Museum which was incredible.  I tell you, Temora is Australia’s lost treasure.  If you get a chance get your family in the car and go out and spend several days there – you won’t regret it.  If we were not on a tight schedule we would have stayed a week, easily.

We were fortunate to have the Rural Museum almost to ourselves and the collection of yesteryear Australia is the most I have ever seen.  You could spend a day here at this one museum alone and not get tired of it.

So at the end of Day 3 we travelled the three hours and are now in Canberra.  We have two VERY big days ahead of us including a visit with the United States Ambassador, Jeffrey Bleich.

Thank you Temora, we will miss you, but we also know that we will be back.



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