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Daniel and William ClarkeDaniel and William Clarke live in Sydney, Australia, and share a passion to save the orangutan in Borneo and Sumatra.  Their desire to help the orangutan happened after a series of events that helped shape Daniels decision to take a stand (read more about it here).

Daniel has cerebral palsy and is mostly confined to a wheelchair however this doesn’t stop him from doing what he believes is right.

So far the boys have raised over $845,000 to save the orangutan, sponsored 101,500 acres of orangutan habitat and and have been actively promoting the orangutan’s story throughout the media.

Over time, Daniel and William have grown to understand the issues facing the orangutan in regards to the deforestation of their habitat due to illegal logging, establishment of palm oil plantations and the illegal pet trade.

Daniel and William ClarkeIn 2008 the Orangutan Project made Daniel their National Youth Ambassador and Daniel and William have been fundamental in the establishment of their orangutan education program which was launched in 2010 partly fulfilling the boys desire to educate youth around the world.

Later that same year Daniel and William travelled to the jungles of Borneo on an extroardinary adventure to see the orangutans in the wild.

 Tears In The Jungle: A Children’s Adventure to Save the Orangutan book has been created as an outcome of that amazing journey.

While the boys have received significant media exposure in regards to their quest, some of their other achievements are;

  • Presented at many schools (48,000+ students) regarding their trip to Borneo and the plight of the orangutan.
  • Awarded the 2012 NSW Pride of Australia Medal (Environment Category),  2012 National Pride of Australia Medal (Environment Category) and the Pride of Australia Medal People’s Choice Award
  • Recognised by President Barack Obama for their conservation efforts
  • The Australian Prime Minister, Hon. John Howard visited Daniel and William at their home in Terrey Hills to pledge an additional $200k to the Australian Orangutan Project to save the Orangutans.

    Daniel and William Clarke having a visit from the Prime Minister

    Daniel being visited at home from the Prime Minister of Australia, Hon. John Howard.

  • They received a personally signed letter from the Honorable John Howard pledging $500,000 towards the conservation of orangutans in Indonesia as a result of meeting Daniel.
  • Organised a major fund raising event (Orang-a-thon) with their School in April 2008 and raised $5,500.
  • At her request, met with Primatologist Jane Goodall on her Australian visit in October, 2008 and again in May, 2011
  • Recognised by the World Society for Protection of Animals (WSPA) for his conservation and fund raising efforts (Award presented by their regional director)

If you would like further information regarding their quest or perhaps would like to assist in some way please contact us.



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