Orangutan Talks a Big Hit with Teachers and Students

The feedback received by teachers after Daniel and William presenting their ‘Orangutan Talk’ has been phenomenal!

Here are just some of the wonderful comments they have received…

The unfolding testimony of this family cannot be missed!

Thank God there are people like this who can speak for creatures in the world that can’t

Truly inspiring to both hear and see how one person can truly make a difference

(inspiring to see) …how parents have enabled their children to channel their passion

…(their presentation) raises awareness of an important issue and educating us on why it matters and as well as how we can be a tangible part of the solution

…our students had so many questions we simply ran out of time!

…the impact on our students will stretch into the future, running on parallel tracks to our current Missions program

the students were talking about it the following week, so Daniel and William have certainly left their legacy

Amazing footage which captured both hearts and imagination, prompting action

If you would like Daniel and William to come and talk at your school please complete the Registration Form and contact Rodney Clarke on 0414 444 376.