Cambridge Gardens Perfect Primates

Daniel and William were invited to speak at Cambridge Gardens Public School about their quest to save the orangutan, and the school turned out in force.  Some 250 school children were captivated by the boys presentation and video of their journey into the jungles of Borneo.

Vice Principal, Daniel Attard, told the boys how the students have been learning about conservation, palm oil and habitat protection and destruction over the past couple of months, using Daniel and William’s first book, and that their visit was a perfect culmination of their educational journey as part of the Education for Sustainability program.

The children at Cambridge Gardens Public have been using Daniel and William’s book as an educational resource to help them understand what is happening to the orangutan in Indonesia and particularly, Borneo.

The questions the children were asking were varied and well thought out.  They even asked about the new species of orangutan that was found on the island of Sumatra called Tapanuli.

It was a fantastic day and the boys are so overwhelmed how other students and teachers are taking on the plight of the orangutan as inspired by their book.

Thank you to everyone, with your help we ARE saving the orangutans.

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