Kyle Sandilands Pays it Forward

Daniel and William adopted an Orangutan for popular Radio Announcer Kyle Sandilands from KIIS 106.5 and was on air this morning with Kyle and Jackie’O.

Daniel, who is a massive fan of the KIIS106.5 Kyle and Jackie’O show was invited on air this morning as part of Kyle’s birthday preparation for this Sunday.  Kyle has informed all his listeners to send in $10 and a card for his birthday and, in his hilarious style, has been quite unapologetic about it.  Daniel said, “I thought that was hilarious so I went one better and adopted an Orangutan through The Orangutan Project’s adoption program“.

You can listen to it here…

Daniel’s mum, Penny, did most of the talking and mentioned how the brothers wrote a book called Tears In The Jungle to which Jackie said, “I have that one at home!!, I love that book.”

Both Kyle and Jackie’O were overwhelmed with the sentiment and Kyle PROMISED to pay-it-forward and sponsor an orangutan…


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