Conservation and Country Schools

After seeing a show on ABC Television about a small school at Jerrys Plains and how they have embraced a love of reading and books, Daniel and William thought it would be great to pay them a visit and talk to them about their quest to save the orangutan as well as donate some books for their book club. With only 42 kids at the school ranging from Years 1 to 6, the boys took the day off from their university studies to travel the 200km to present their quest to save the orangutan to the kids at Jerrys Plains Public School.

This beautiful little country school in NSW is 2.5 hours drive north of Sydney in the Hunter Valley and was founded in 1879. It is currently undergoing heritage restorations and is absolutely beautiful.

William said, “The kids were fantastic and asked so many amazing questions”.   After their presentation Mrs Regina Stoltenberg, Principal at Jerrys Plains Public School was on hand to receive a thank you gift from the boys (a cuddly toy orangutan) which we understand is going to be the school mascot.

In presenting the school with their new mascot Mrs Stoltenberg said, “Thanks again for your generosity in providing our kids with this opportunity”.


…It was our pleasure !