Mandatory Labelling of Palm Oil – Petition

Zoos Victoria Palm Oil PetitionFood manufacturers are still allowed to label palm oil as “vegetable oil” on their labels. This means YOU won’t realise you could be consuming food containing palm oil (labelled as vegetable oil) which is contributing to the deaths of over 1,000 orangutans a year as their habitat, and that of Sumatran Elephants and Tigers is destroyed through unsustainable palm oil production.

Later this year selected Australian Ministers will meet to decide whether Australia will once and for all label palm oil on food products.

Add your name to the growing list of over 30,000 Australians who support palm oil labelling.

This is our chance !! But we need YOUR HELP… (only two easy steps)

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Thank you for helping to change our world and make it a better place for humans and orangutans.