Impact Youth Forum making an impact in Wyong

Impact Youth ForumThe Impact Youth Forum is an amazing initiative of the Wyong Shire Council to engage high school students from the Wyong Shire to find and follow their passion and develop unparalleled leadership skills.

Impact Youth Forum

Daniel and William were invited to present to the 100 high school students about their quest to save the orangutan as an example of what two young people can do when they set their minds to it and follow their passion.  William at 15 years old, and his brother Daniel at 17, who has cerebral palsy, spoke for 30 minutes on their quest to save the orangutan from extinction and then talked briefly on how their quest was only one of many examples of people taking action and resulting in leadership opportunities.

The boys received many questions after their presentation and were inundated at morning tea with students wishing to know more on how they can start their own initiatives.


Over the course of the past 6 years Daniel and William have raised more than $715,000 to save the orangutan and protected 80,000 acres of critical orangutan habitat.

The boys used their quest to demonstrate to the students what can be achieved when opportunities are presented to you and how you can take those opportunities and empower others to follow your leadership and make a HUGE difference in our world.

The boys were able to demonstrate to the students their core values of doing the right thing, which includes; determination, persistence and following your dream as an unstoppable recipe for achieving your passion.


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