Northern Beaches Expo

Daniel and William spent several hours this afternoon at the Northern Beaches Expo where they signed copies of their book, Tears In The Jungle, and talked about their quest to save the orangutan.

Northern Beaches Expo - Colouring in Competition Winner Kasey Moulds
Daniel and William with competition winner Kasey Moulds

They were delighted to also meet several of the winners of the Cheeky Monkey’s Playhouse and Tears In The Jungle Colouring in Competition.

The boys had many opportunities to talk with people about their quest and to update people on what they can do to help save these beautiful creatures.

Kasey Moulds received her prizes from the Cheeky Monkeys Playhouse stand at the expo and also received a signed copy of Tears In The Jungle from the boys.

The other winners of the competition have been contacted and will be receiving their prizes soon.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the competition and a special thank you to Cathy and Michael to allow us to use half of their stall !!