Joel Madden and Seal lend their support…

Joel Madden

Joel Madden with Daniel and William

After a chance meeting behind the scenes of Channel Nine’s, “The Voice”, Daniel and William had a brief opportunity to meet with the amazing lead singer of Good Charlotte, Joel Madden and legendary artist Seal.

“They were such great guys!”, Daniel said still grinning from ear to ear after meeting with them.

William mentioned to Joel what it was like to write a book with his brother, to which Joel shared some experiences of what it was like to put an album together with his brother Benji.  “Daniel and I sorted out  the content of the book by using scissors, paper, rock however I think Joel and Benji used a ‘different’ approach to settling their conflicts”, William said.

Seal with Daniel and William

“Daniel and I sent them a signed copy of our book, “Tears In The Jungle” and it was great to find out that they had both received it.   We are thrilled that both Joel and Seal said they would support us in our quest to save the orangutan”.

You can see their names up on our Celebrity Support Page.

If you would like to support Daniel and William’s quest to save the orangutan please purchase a copy of their book HERE.

To Joel and Seal, thank you for spending your time with us. You guys rock!  With you guys supporting us we can really get the message out across the world.


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