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  • Kogarah Rotary Gets ‘In The Swing’

    Posted on by rc

    Daniel and William presented to 100 Rotarians who raised $1,000 to adopt eight orangutans through BOS Australia’s Orangutan adoption program.

    The Kogarah Rotary Club meeting, held at the beautiful St George Motor Boat Club, attracted families from all over Sydney who came to hear Daniel and William talk about their quest to save the orangutan of Borneo and Sumatra.

    Daniel and William with Rotarian, Paul Bateman

    The evening was a huge success, organised by the President of Kogarah Rotary Paul Bateman and fellow Rotarian Carol Bovingdon, who did a wonderful job  culminating with the generosity from the audience donating $1,000 to help save the orangutan.

    Daniel and William spoke with many of the people who were there both before and after their presentation and as a result, have inspired families to travel to Borneo to follow in the boys footsteps and learn more about the orangutans first-hand.

    They also had the pleasure of meeting a young man who is the second in Australia for solving the Rubiks Cube, Kirt Protacio.  We asked him if he would mind showing us how fast he was able to solve the Rubiks cube and the first run through he was able to do it in 10 seconds (yes, that’s right, I said ten seconds)… this time it took him just a little longer as he was doing it with one hand… (Please watch the video below)

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