Daniel and William have now been officially named, ‘Orangu-Teens’ by nine year old Augusta Onsman.

The year 3 student from Corrimal Public School was given the assignment to research newspaper articles, looking at how they are structured, then tasked with writing their own article on any topic of interest.  “We were shocked that we were chosen by someone to write about but we think she did a really great job”, said William.

For trying to save orangutans, two young Australian brothers last week won two Pride of Australia Awards. Daniel Clarke, 16, and his brother, William, 14, first discovered that orangutans were endangered in 2007.

They decided to do something to help these apes which come from Borneo and Sumatra.  They set a goal of raising $1 million and so far have raised a huge $660,000.

Their work was honoured with the People’s Choice Award and the National Environment Award.  As well as raising money the duo want to get people to understand that these animals are critically endangered.  They do this by going to schools to speak about orangutans and they have written a book called Tears in the Jungle.

In the book they explain that the orangutans’ habitats are being knocked down for palm oil plantations.  The palm oil is used in many different household items such as bread, biscuits, instant noodles, chocolate, sandwich spread, chips and shampoo. However as the brothers explain people who want to help save these poor creatures should read the ingredients of food and other household products and avoid palm oil products.

Congratulations Augusta on an excellent job !


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