Taronga Talks

Daniel and William were among several notable orangutan supporters presenting at the lecture theatre at Taronga Zoo on Tuesday night.

The event was organised by Wildlife Asia, in conjunction with The Orangutan Project¬†(TOP) and Taronga Conservation Society, who actively support The Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program.

William Clarke, Leif Cocks, Daniel Clarke

Leif Cocks, President and founder of the Perth based conservation charity, The Orangutan Project, provided updates to the 150 guests on the latest developments threatening the critically endangered orangutan and the steps TOP are doing to minimise, and in fact, successfully protect their habitat through their Safeguard Program.

While the news is ‘less grim’ for the orangutan, that is, we are slowing the rate of destruction of its habitat, it was wonderfully evident that the passion and awareness to continue to strive to protect these beautiful animals is stronger and more determined than ever.

The Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program employs the use of Wildlife Protection Units who actively protect rainforest and are the best investment to make a tangible difference to this desperate situation.

Leif’s presentation touched on the alarming statistic that there are only 6,300 Sumatran Orangutans left in the wild and that we are now fighting over the last few scraps of habitat left so now, more than ever, we need to step up and make a difference.


To help save the orangutan please either purchase a copy of Tears In The Jungle or donate directly to The Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program.

Alternatively, if you see us driving around in our Kia Grand Carnival (it’s a little hard to miss it!!), make a note of the website on the side of the car and visit us there to get an update on the boys quest and perhaps order a book.


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