Pymble Ladies College embraces orangutans !

Year 8 students from LtoR Thomasina Buchner, Polly Ashford and Tiarni Wiersma were some of the many year 8 students at Daniel and William’s presentation

This afternoon Daniel and William were asked to present to 250 Year 8 students at the beautiful Pymble Ladies College, on Sydney’s North Shore.

The presentation was well received and the year 8 audience were particularly taken with the video of the baby orangutans and and some of the antics of the larger adult orangutans.

Daniel and William provided information on the issues facing the orangutan and its habitat as well as helped them understand the issues around illegal logging, the western society’s demand for palm oil and the ways in which they can help save the orangutan.

It was the ‘Question and Answer’ session after Daniel and William’s presentation that took us all by surprise…  It was amazing how the questions were either ‘fact gathering’ or ‘solution focussed’;

  • Can we establish orangutan habitat here in Australia?
  • How can we help save the orangutan?
  • Why do companies need to use Palm Oil?
  • How long does it take to reforest a jungle devastated for a palm oil plantation?
  • Can we grow Palm Oil plantations here in Australia?

After all of the many schools that Daniel and William have spoken at it was inspirational to see how the students of PLC went straight into ‘fact finding mode’ and took a solution oriented approach to their queries.  It was great to see today’s youngsters seeking to understand a problem and actively finding ways to resolve it – well done PLC !!

…and thank you for allowing Daniel and William to present to you.

We can all make a difference !!

If you would like to help save the orangutan you can do any one of the following:

  1. Purchase a copy of our book (money raised through the sale of our book goes towards orangutan habitat protection)
  2. Adopt an Orangutan through:
    1. The Orangutan Project
    2. Borneo Orangutan Survival