Premiers Reading Challenge – NSW & VIC

We are DELIGHTED to think that Daniel and William’s book, Tears In The Jungle, has been included on the book lists for the NSW and Victoria’s Premiers Reading Challenge for 2013!!

Premiers Reading Challenge - Tears In The Jungle PaperbackIt is amazing to think that two young boys with a passion to make a difference and a desire to share that dream with others, could make such a huge impact.  Their book is now listed as a reading resource for Primary aged school children in both NSW and VIC and is available for purchase by your school library.

The book is an amazing journey through the jungle of Borneo with incredible photos and accompanying story told through the eyes of these amazing brothers.  Daniel and William have been National Love2Read Ambassadors for the past two years and you can read more about them HERE.

We received a call (only this week) from a Professor of Social Studies at a leading University in NSW who was thrilled to tell us that Tears In The Jungle is being used as a topic of study within the university’s Social Studies class as it crossed so many boundaries such as:

  • Belonging
  • Conservation / Environment protection
  • Critically endangered species
  • Disability – Struggle through adversity
  • Children / brothers (relationship)

We are delighted to have the support of so many educators around Australia and now with the inclusion on the Premiers Reading Challenge the boys are very excited to think the message is getting out to all Australian schools (Saving the critically endangered orangutan).

If you would like to purchase a copy of Daniel and William’s book you can do so HERE.

We have also received some ideas from other amazing educators on different ways Tears In The Jungle can be used in the classroom as a study resource – CLICK HERE to see a downloadable sheet on some ideas.

All orders through the website come with a TAX INVOICE.

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