University of Technology Sydney (UTS) calling…

University Technology of Sydney (UTS) Ku-Ring Gai CampusAn invitation to present to the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) on Thursday saw Daniel and William presenting their quest, to save the orang-utan, to thirty-five University Students learning to become our next generation of primary school teachers.

The invitation to attend the Ku-Ring Gai Campus of UTS came from lecturer, John Buchanan, who,  in regards to Daniel and William’s quest, identified the opportunity to demonstrate the potential of children and how it should not be underestimated.  With the passion of their quest behind them, Mr Buchanan understood how, with the right support, children can achieve the most amazing outcomes and wanted to convey this key message to his students.

University of Technology Sydney

Stunned silence…

At the completion of Daniel and William’s 40 minute presentation, for which they have now performed at over 40 schools and to over 21,000 people, was an eerie silence. William said, “We weren’t expecting that response!  We always ask the audience if they had any questions about the orang-utans or our quest or even Daniel having cerebral palsy, and it was really strange that there was just silence”.  After a very long pause one of the participants said, “I am gob smacked!”, then others chimed in with, “me too!” and then another with, “I think that’s what I am feeling as well!”.

Within moments of sharing their collective paradigm shift there was overwhelming support and questions being asked of the boys.  After almost an hour of intriguing questions, book signing and meeting highly enthusiastic and energized students both boys agreed that their experience at the University was, “Fantastic!”.  Daniel said, “It was a great opportunity to spread our message further knowing that these students were going to become primary school students for years into the future.  The ripple effect is a very effective way of creating understanding and making change”.

An example of achievement

about the bookTwo years ago, Daniel and William became self-published authors with their book, “Tears In The Jungle, a Children’s adventure to save the orang-utan” which is now considered an Australian Best Seller with over 5,000 copies sold in Australia and overseas.

With Daniel in his HSC Year and William in Year 10 the boys are still actively pursuing their passion of speaking at schools and community groups by taking only half a day off school once every 6-8 weeks.  The boys have been requested to appear at schools around Australia with some schools fund raising thousands of dollars to fly them in for a day so they can spend a whole day with the students both presenting their quest and holding leadership forums”.

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