Gorokan High School Rocks !!

Gorokan High School is rocking to the sound of orangutans after Daniel and William presented their quest to save the critically endangered orangutan to over 500 high school students today.

Gorokan High School hall

The students held a gold coin donation and raised $135 for The Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program which is focused at saving the orangutan habitat in Borneo and Sumatra.  They also purchased books and merchandise to assist Daniel and William in their quest.

Gorokan High School with Daniel and William

Ms Julie Holland, HSIE Teacher, has been talking with Daniel and William for two years seeking to organise a suitable time for the boys to come and present their quest to the school so when the boys arrived today the students knew all about them and listened intently to their story.

After the presentation Daniel mentioned how impressed he was at how many students stayed through their lunch time to talk to him about the orangutans, while Will spent the same time signing books, bags and posters for all of the students.  “It was such a buzz!”, said Daniel.

Jenny & Maddy from Gorokan High School Presenting Dan and Will with their poster

Gorokan High School has really embraced Daniel and William’s best selling book, “Tears in the Jungle” as it has been a favourite amongst students, educators and parents around Australia.  The boys have presented their quest to 40 schools and over 19,500 students Australia Wide.

Daniel and William were surprised to receive an AMAZING poster drawn by Maddy & Jenny from Class 8P… what an incredible talent !  “Maddy and Jenny have done an amazing job at drawing the orangutan as we understand they are VERY difficult to draw”, said William.

Thanks Gorokan High School for such a fantastic day – let’s hope we can all make a difference !

Kia Grand Carnival at Gorokan High School


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  1. It was an incredible experience and my friends and I feel so blessed to have had Will and Daniel share their amazing and inspiring story with us.

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