Harrison Craig from ‘The Voice’

Daniel and William caught up with Harrison Craig and his brother Connor this weekend to share some stories of how their lives have changed over the past few months.

Harrison Craig, who has made it through to the next round in Channel Nine’s TV Program, “The Voice” and his brother Connor, have known the Daniel and William for several years.

The Voice's, Harrison Craig, his brother Connor, with Orangutan crusadors Daniel and William Clarke

“It just so happens that our mums have known each other since… ‘forever’ and we have followed each other in our individual pursuits and we try to catch up whenever we can as we live in different states”, said William.

It was a great afternoon and Harrison is also the latest celebrity to support us

The boys spent the afternoon together swapping stories of what it has been like for them to pursue their dreams as well as some of the obstacles they have faced over time.

Harrison’s first performance on ‘The Voice’ brought the audience to tears with his emotional rendition of Josh Groban’s song, ‘Broken Vow’ – (Video no longer available)

Harrison is performing on ‘The Voice’ on Sunday night, Channel Nine @ 6:30pm,  as he has made it through to the ‘Showdown’ stage.  “We are all hoping that he makes it through to the finals and were giving him all the support we can”, Daniel said.

For more information on Harrison’s amazing journey please Harrison’s page on The Voice’s website.