Letter of Support from France

Letter of support from franceDaniel and William received a letter of support all the way from France from 5 year old Isaac!

Isaac had recently received a copy of Daniel and William’s book from his Aunt, here in Australia, and he was so inspired by their quest to save the orangutan that he wanted to help.

He immediately drew the boys a picture of support as well as sent them a US $1 note to help go toward saving the orangutan.  More importantly, Isaac sent Daniel and William three of his most treasured toy cars hoping that the boys could somehow raise money with them.  Daniel and William really understand what a big sacrifice that was to give away three of his special toys (particularly as he is only five years old) and are looking at ways to use them to raise money.

Letter of support from FranceDaniel and William were thrilled to think their quest has reached the other side of the world.  They also wanted to send a very special thank you to Isaac and his family and hope that one day they can meet and say thank you in person.

Thanks Isaac !!

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  1. How wonderful for that young boy to send his toy cars and letter. I think the boys are wonderful. Keep it up. regards Betty Crook

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