First School Talk for 2013 – Callaghan College

Daniel and William had the pleasure to present their orangutan quest to over 400 students today at Newcastle’s Callaghan College, Wallsend Campus, 150 km north of Sydney.

Orangutan Quest Presentation at Callaghan College

The school had been using Daniel and William’s Australian Story as a study resource as it covers so many topics such as belonging, conservation, kids succeeding against adversity and many others.

The Head of English at the college, Matthew Murray, was delighted to have the boys come along to address the Year 9 & 10 students on their quest to save the orangutan.  Many of the students were fascinated on how the boys started their quest and if they had encountered obstacles along the way.  In regards to the pursuit of his own dream, and the success that he and his brother have shared, William mentioned to the students that, “no matter what happens just keep going and don’t let anything stand in your way”.

Matthew Murray with Daniel and William Clarke

Head of English, Matthew Murray with Orangutan Campaigners Daniel and William Clarke

Many of the teachers commented on how Daniel and William’s video, presentation and Q&A session was able to captivate every student in the room right through to the end with many staying back to talk with the boys about their journey well into their own lunchtime.  Students were interested in everything, from facts surrounding the orangutan to how Daniel and William have kept themselves going throughout their amazing quest.

Daniel and William were surprised at the end of their presentation to receive a cheque as a donation to help save the orangutan as a result of the students fund raising.  In total the Callaghan College students raised a whopping $1,149.50 to help protect the orangutan habitat.  Through The Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program this will protect 3,156 acres of critically endangered orangutan habitat – ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT CALLAGHAN COLLEGE !!  Thank you so much, you guys are helping to make a difference!!

The boys also had a presentation of their own to make by providing the school with a toy orangutan as a thank you for their visit and a reminder to all the students of their quest.

Daniel ended the presentation with, “No matter who you are or where you come from, we can all make a difference in our world”, which met with a round of applause from the teenage audience.

Thanks Callaghan College, Wallsend Campus, we loved presenting to you !

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5 Responses to First School Talk for 2013 – Callaghan College

  1. Naomi Guy says:

    This was an inspirational experience! In the video of the brothers in Borneo I was almost in tears. Daniel is truley amazing he’s will to keep following he’s dream.

    I am absolutley delighted to have listened to what Daniel and William had to say.

    Thank you both sooo much for coming and talking in front of the school, you have inspired many and many more to come. I wish you luck and I hope you can keep continuing you goal and succed!! xx

  2. Nathan says:

    Thank you
    The presentation was amazing and you are an inspiration to many


  3. David Roberts says:

    Thank you for coming to our school Daniel and William you are a great inspiration to all of us and i hope you succeed your challenges!

  4. Chelsea Tresidder says:

    I loved it and it made me want to help donate.

  5. Sophie Smith says:

    An amazing experience had by all. Daniel and William are truly inspirational heroes. My students have gained so much from the Clarke family and their determination, perseverance and passion for orangutan and rainforest conservation.
    Many thanks for your visit and allowing our students the opportunity to make real world connections with their learning.