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  1. chris nbcs says:

    to dan and will
    i am chris

    year 5

    how do you do this stuff, i also really like orang-utans. how can i help.

    from me chris

    • rc says:

      Hi Chris, The best thing you can do is go to the Orangutan Project’s website and adopt an orangutan for $65 and also encourage your friends and family to do the same… that’s how we started out. Thanks for your support and helping the orangutans. Regards.

  2. sylvia raye says:

    Having met you boys I know how much work and dedication you have given to the plight of Orang-utans. These beautiful animals belong to the planet and you are to be congratulated for your tireless work.

  3. Geoff Collinson says:

    Hi guys

    We bought your book a few days ago for our 4 year old boy Fin who has taken very seriously to the plight of the orangutan and your story in particular. Thanks for the prompt delivery and we look forward to reading it to him. He is already making loom band to sell at our local cafe to raise money for you. It won’t be much but it will be a proof contribution from our little boy. Thanks for all your work.


  4. Lakidu Gunawardana says:

    I really am inspired by the way you have accomplished you desire. you are a roll-model to many children and adults. the orang-utans are very lucky because of you. many people do not want them to be extinct and you have helped them to survive.
    thank you Daniel Clark and the rest of the family.

  5. sylvia raye says:

    Having watched ACA I thought this could not have happened to a nicer family, I had tears streaming down my face. You are an amazing family and the work you do for the orang-utans is just wonderful. Enjoy your “new” home, you deserve it.

  6. Hi Daniel. After having watched tonight’s episode of A Current Affair, where you and your family were given the ultimate home renovation, it really showed how community spirit is alive and kicking out there in Australia. It was a true heart felt, emotional episode, where I felt you and your family deserved every bit of the gratitude that was offered to you. Brad and his team did a magnificent job, backed by the ACA team.

    I’m a builder in Adelaide and also own a manufacturing facility where we produce insulated building panels for the building industry, called . After seeing such an inspiring episode, I have already written to Brad and ACA putting my name and products up for offering if there is ever the need in SA.

    I think the magnificent work you and your brother has done over the years gone by, raising money for the orangutans, again showing where your heart and true spirit lies! Congratulations and keep up the great work.

    Matt in Adelaide

  7. Deborah Heeps-Myers says:

    It is so amazing tnat those little orangutan babies seemed to understand Daniels condition, and I love that the little one put tbeir arms around him, without any fear tbat Daniel could not hold them properly. That was such a beautiful moment. I am so impressed by the boys maturity in regards to such a distressing situation. Worthy of all the proudest feelings of compassion anyone can give.

  8. Louise says:

    Hi guys! What a pleasure to meet you today- so happy you stopped by. Timely reminder that we all need to get behind this issue; there should be more people like you. + my daughter loved the photo on the card.
    Enjoy your sunnies 🙂
    Louise (bright eyes)

  9. YoBro™ says:

    You made half of Australia’s dream come true… Thank you so much Daniel & the family! ^-^

  10. Isabella says:

    Hey guys,

    You guys are trying so hard to save the orangutan’s and you all are doing a great job:)

  11. Dylan Wright says:

    Hey guys good job it was very inspirationl and i loved the video =)

  12. Taynan Rich*****n says:

    Hi there Daniel & William, congratulations on the book! #SAVETHEORANGUTANS!!

  13. Kia says:

    Hi guys,
    I just want to tell you guys want to say what an amazing job you have done so never give because your doing a great job. 🙂

  14. Molly.N says:

    It is great what you are do to save the orangutans. What can people do to help out ??

    • rc says:

      Hi Molly, Thanks for your question. The Orangutan Project are in desperate need of funds to help save the orangutan. If you are able to hold a ‘gold Coin Day’ or a small fund raising cake stall or something like that would be great. We can give you the details of where you would need to send the money. Thanks

  15. Dylan Allsop says:

    You guys are so inspirational and hope you save all the Orangutan’s xD

  16. Emmerson S says:

    You guys have done a wonderful job on raising so much money to save the orangutangs. The book you wrote was amazing!
    Well Done 🙂

  17. Mikaela Morona says:

    Hi Daniel and William,
    Congratulations on your amazing, touching book! You are an inspiration to all people who have a dream and who want to make a change in the world.
    Thanks for being a great role model!
    – Mikaela

  18. Naylor Symons says:

    Congrats of the book that you made ‘Tears in the jungle’ I think what you are doing is great

  19. Daisy Osborne says:

    Well done boys, you are a great inspiration to a lot of children. I have watched your Australian story and would really like to get involved with helping save the Orangutang’s. Thank you for helping them xx

  20. Montana says:

    Well done boys. You have made such an amazing effort you are inspiring to all children and even adults!!!! Your book was so good! loved it :)! xx

  21. Sasha says:

    Good Job boys on what you have done its amazing xoxo I think your book is a great book i learnt so much things!!! xxx you have inspired so many people you should be so proud! xxx
    Love Sasha

  22. Emma Jansen says:

    I believe that you have done a amazing job with the orangatuns, it has made me more aware and they are just like us. Thank when I am older i hope I will be able to sponsor and orangutan so they can be around for longer.

  23. Madison R says:

    Hey guys love your book it’s the most inspiering book I have ever read congratulations on all of you effort and hard work
    Xxxxxx your friend Madison
    P.S. I met you with Harrison Craig of the voice remember and to Daniel Good luck on becoming prime Minister of Australia just know I will vote for you

  24. sarah carey says:

    It is very good you are trying to save animals. Hope you enjoy your adventures.

  25. Ashlynn says:

    I have just fininshihed your book.I loaned it from the local libary and now will be going to by it at the book shop. It is truly insprational and we all need some one like you two boys to look up to and to use your example of caring for orangatangs to make a differance

  26. Di Burns says:

    Just want to wish the boys and everyone at Tears In The Jungle the very best for Christmas and hope 2013 brings even more support for your cause. Well done and keep up the great work.

  27. Amanda says:

    Hi boys, I have purchased the book and love it. You are both amazing young men and should be very proud of your accomplishments. I have spent time in Tanjung Puting National park and had the privledge to met siswi and spend time with her, so I know how important your efforts are and how amazing the orangutan is. I will continue to support your worthy cause. Well done and keep up the good work.

  28. hello William and Daniel
    i love how you guys are trying to help the orangatangs those beautiful creatures i loved the story that you two rote i hope i can try help in any way at all so thank you for teaching me the ways of loving animals like you do.
    thank you again

  29. Zainab says:

    The rest of your Clarke family must be very proud of you for accomplishing such a big project even when one of you is in a wheelchair.I think the book used some very clever words and the pictures were extraordinary. Well done and keep up all your good deeds.
    One day you will get payed for what you did in life.

  30. hadi says:

    please help the orangutan because we need them and they are 97% like us and they will be extinct its sad to see this happening.

  31. moses faaola says:

    i loved your story and the orang-utans they are so cute and i wish you all the best.

  32. freshi says:

    This is an amazing thing that William and Daniel have done you guys are adorable and so nice I hope you guys all the best cant wait to hear your next book I am so proud of you guys.

    Congratulations!!!!! all the best in the future

  33. saharr says:

    Hey guys ..
    Wow . u guys are doing a great job saving the orangutans!
    Keep going with your mission to save these lovely creatures.
    Your book was amazing i just finished your book & I’m really proud of u guys.. keep it up 🙂 .

  34. Rihanna TheONE. says:

    Hey guys,

    Congratulations on your new book “Tears in the Jungle”, It is a really great book, it has encouraged people to save the beautiful orangutans, and has told people to not buy products that have palm oil in them,

  35. Jean Claude Bitangimana says:

    Dear Daniel & William,i love how you and your help the animals. Today i would like to show my friends and my family what you have done. I wish you both all the best. You’re inspired me with your story. form Jean Claude Bitangimana, Dandy hight school

  36. eric bizimungu says:

    Hi Daniel and William!! Your doing a great job!! Keep up the good work and I hope U can SAVE THE ORANGUTANS U guys are so amazing writing that strory about the your advetior and about saving the animals from Eric Bizimungu dandenong high school

  37. Patisoni Togafau says:

    I just recently read the book, at first I thought it was going to be VERY boring, but as my teacher continued reading I got really into it 🙂 It was very interesting. You boys should be really proud of yourselves for you are an inspiration to everyone for doing something so wonderful. Next time I will be careful with the products I buy and make sure they don’t have palm oil in them.

  38. Izat Sultani says:

    You guys are true Inspirations its very kind of you guys to help the animals
    I think everyone should help you guys help the orangutans. I’m will try to check some of the products to see if they have palm oil and i will avoid using those products.

  39. caleb roche says:

    you guys are very inspirational if orangutans could talk they will crown you two kings well done on your work so far.

  40. Robin Taylor says:

    A few days ago i watched the Pride of Australia Award Ceremony on TV and as a result i discovered Daniel & William Clarke, how amazing you are and what an amazing family also. I have just finished watching the Australian Story episode, wow, what a wonderful experience for you all to have had, i have often said i would like to go & see the orangutans & now even more so! Watching Daniel hold the babies and when the little orangutan stood up in the front of him brought me to tears, it was just beautiful. And as a mum, I am sure the moment for Daniel & William’s mum would have been heart-stopping. I have just purchased the kids pack & i am going to put it away for christmas for my 11 year old daughter, Georgia, but meanwhile, when she comes home from school today, i am going to get her to watch the Australian Story episode too. Keep up the good work, Clarke family, with the orangutans having you on their side, i think & hope they will be around for many years to come.

    • selina says:

      i think the book was interesting because the two boys that went travailing are very adventuress for their age and showed that they cared for animals.


    My granddaughter(now 16) and I joined the English Orangutan Foundation for a trek across Malaysia Borneo as we had adopted an orang named SEN at the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre some years before. We have had a continuing interest and were blown away by your book which we purchased some time ago. I am hoping to keep well enough to go into Indonesion Borneo to travel some of the jungle you covered in your book. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.

  42. nicola oddie says:

    I think your doing a great job to help save the orangutans I went to borneo as well and saw the orangutans I am shocked that two children are doing this much. ps I am from rozzelle puplic school

  43. Sandra says:

    Hi, We stumbled on your news via the Australian Orangutan Project website. Extremely impressed with your determination and more importantly your fund raising skills. Huge congratulations ! Keep up the good work. Just wanted to let you know about an audio ebook, Radio Ron’s Postcards from Borneo – that was originally created with help of our twin boys aged 6. We have now had the illustrations professionally drawn and created books/ebooks. We too are supporting the orangutans and doing our best to raise funds. Would love to send you a copy – please send us your email so we can arrange.

  44. David Askew says:

    Daniel and William , thank you for making me realize how amazing it must feel to be so passionate about a cause and how you could reach your goal! As a father of 2 young boys I truly hope that my sons Hudson and Kingsley are half as generous and as loving as you are. It is so amazing to see the love you have as brothers and the strength and maturity you both exude. You should be so amazingly proud of your efforts. My boys loved their new orangutans and decided to call them Jason & teeny weeny !

  45. David Sheppard says:

    I just had the immense privilege to hear Daniel and William present their amazing and inspirational journey. The two boys are wonderful ambassadors for their cause Tears in the Jungle and they left a lasting impression that will resinate for years to come. Daniel and William are a credit to persistance and could not have prouder parents. congratulations.

  46. Helena Wylie says:

    Dear Daniel and William
    We have just returned home from hearing William conclude the presentation at Taronga Zoo by Leif Cocks from the Orangutan Project. I have previously donated to the Project as I am devastated by the plight of the orangutans. The passion both of you obviously feel for the cause moved me to tears especially when one realises what can be achieved with desire and dedication. You are an awesome pair!!
    Best wishes
    Helena Wylie

  47. faye says:

    reading that you had succeeded in helping to purchase more than 3000 acres of land for the rangutan, made me cry. i have been to sepilok, visited the orangutan each day for a week and have been across borneo witnessing the land given over to the palm oil. it was a depressing sight but we must remember that australia also, has done such devastation to our rainforest areas, in the past.
    i have to get a painting done for you to raffle.
    you have inspired me.
    how much were the acres of land, each?

  48. David & Lorraine says:

    Dear Daniel & William, We purchased your book some months ago and loved it. We’ve shown it to family, friends and neighbours, who have all enjoyed it. We wish you both all the best in your fund raising endeavours for such a worthy cause. You’re both an inspiration to all.

  49. sylvia raye says:

    Having been on the stage for 40 years I know what it takes. Your presentation at the Torwood Lounge was first class. You have all that it takes to get the message out there and entertain people at the same time. The organutans need all the help they can get and you boys are doing a magnificent job. I could feel your love as a family and your love embracing our nearest relative. I wish there were more in the world like you.
    Sylvia Raye

  50. christine winkley says:

    Your presentation at the Temora p/s was wonderful. With all the work (you and) the boys have done it occured to me to ask – when will you know you have collected enough money? Your efforts have been able to support/purchase acres of jungle. So, do you know just how many acres will be enough? This is a genuine question as HOW will you/we know if your (an other charities) efforts have worked – as you hope to continue on to support other primates? Regards c.

    • rc says:

      Hi Christine, its a good question. We are keeping track of what the boys have donated directly as well as being advised of funds that have been donated through what people have told us they have done as a direct result of meeting the boys. We are also acting as a conduit for the three charities for which Daniel and William support and, for example, in this tour we have taken direct donations on behalf of The Orangutan Project of $582 ($82 was as a direct result of a gold coin donation programs instigated at Temora Public School). They boys have also met several business people, political and community leaders who, as a result of meeting and talking to the boys, have advised they will be taking action toward saving the orang-utan. Some of these donations we will not see so we have to continue in blind faith and just hope that these people will make good their commitments. At the end of the day it ends up being an estimation of funds raised from lot of different known, and unknown, sources. We are just continuing on knowing that we are doing the right thing.

  51. Sanjay West says:

    Hello William and Daniel,
    I found your story very inspirational and would love to help you by donating. Is there a way to make a cash donation, as we could not find one on your website?
    We would really like to help you make a difference.

    Best wishes Sanjay

    P.S. I really enjoyed your prentation, as you came to my school.

  52. Sheree says:

    Hi Guys,
    I saw you both on the Australian story and was completly amazed at what you both have accomplished!! I have also played with a baby orangutan and it was a life changing event. i am so thankful for all the hard work you both have put in, you are both such inspirational people!
    Congratulations on all that you have achieved so far, Í’m sure there’s much more to come!
    Kind regards,

  53. Rowena kumar says:

    To Daniel,
    You and your brother have acomplished so much, I wish I was old enough to adopt an orangutan. Other people would ask for a horse or a trip to Disneyland but you have picked to save the orangutans, which is amazing what you have done and what you will do inspirational to everyone. And your brother are amazing.
    (Matthew Pearce P.S) I wish you the best of luck on your journey!¡!¡!¡

  54. Isabelle Harrison says:

    Hi Daniel and William,
    I have just finished reading your book and thought it was great! It was really sad to see the destruction of the orangutans habitat but what you two are doing I think is really going to make a difference. You’ve inspired me and my class mates so much that we have even adopted our own orangutan. Thankyou for opening my eyes to what really is happening and encouraging everyone to get involved. Thankyou

  55. Chuanting Chao says:

    Hi William and Daniel,
    You guys are doing an awesome job at looking after the orangutan and im looking forward to you guys coming to our school i think its this week(Matthew Pearce)

    GREAT JOB and keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Isabella Mancera says:

    Hi Daniel and William!! Your doing a great job!! Keep up the good work and SAVE THE ORANGUTANS!!!!

  57. domenic says:

    Hello Daniel!
    Keep doing the good work and keep on selling these books and save the orangutans!!!!11!!

  58. Julia Staebe says:

    Hello Daniel and William!
    I just wanted to encourage you in all that you are doing. Your journey on Australian Story was deeply moving and very inspiring. The book is wonderful and, thanks to you, I have now also linked in with BOS Australia. I’m trying to forward your emails to anyone I can think of in the hope that you will (continue to) achieve amazing things for these magnificent creatures. It is tragic to think that this beautiful creature is being slowly being wiped out (largely) so that we can keep eating chocolate. Keep up this wonderful work!

  59. sue howling says:

    It often takes a child to tell adults what needs to be done in this world and these two boys have done it so loud and clear that no adult can say they didn’t hear!
    Congratulations to William and Daniel for doing what no adult has been able to achieve and keep it up because the world and the orangutans need you.

  60. Lavinia Pike says:

    This book (I bought both hard and soft copies ) is very inspirational so much so I have forwarded this address to all I know to buy the book/s.
    Well done boys.
    Much Love, thought and prayers,
    Lavinia Pike, Tasmania

  61. Buddy says:

    What a fantastic book. I got it for christmas and absolutely loved it. Great job guys.

  62. Jane M Lefave says:

    I just received my book in the mail today (USA) and am so excited to share it with my daughters. It is a beautiful book and is going to make an excellent Christmas gift for my youngest daughter who loves orangutans. William and Daniel, I hope you reach your goal to raise money to buy back the jungle. I will share the information about the book with my family and friends to help raise awareness for your cause. It gives me hope for the orangutans to see young people like you so passionate about saving them. You guys should be very proud. You are doing great work!!

  63. Kate says:

    A truly inspirational book! Well done Daniel & William – you and your parents must be very proud.
    My 6 year old twins love the pictures and the story and we have the photo of the orangutan on our fridge.
    Keep up the great work.

  64. Tony Gilding says:

    I just got my copy of this book. Thanks Daniel and William. It’s a magnificent book. Every home should have at least one copy. You guys are truly inspirational.
    Tony Gilding
    President, BOS Australia

  65. Dot says:

    Dear Daniel and William,
    WOW! Your book is so beautiful to look at and read…it moved me greatly about the plight of the orangutans… I will be buying more for Xmas gifts to pass the message on … you have my admiration boys.

  66. suzanne vigenser says:

    Congratulations on a beautiful book and sharing your adventures. My copy arrived yesterday in the post and I am going to donate it to our local primary school library I ‘m sure the children there will enjoy and learn about orangutans as well as inspire them to care about our animals and our planet. Well done!

  67. Rowena says:

    Hi guys

    Received my copy of your book and the individual photo yesterday – thanks so much! You should be really proud of yourselves and the work you are doing for the orangs. I am definitely older than the 3-15 year age group but I thoroughly enjoyed the book and loved the photography. Still envious that you were able to cuddle orangs! I will do my best to spread the word about your book. Good luck!

  68. Kara Lauren Williams says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I am from your school in year 4. Your brother Will and you came and talked to us (year 3 and 4). You are very inspiration to all. I promise i will by a book!!! You are doing a marvulours job for saving the orangtans. I really hope that you and everbody who wants to help you save the orangutans will be able to do what your dream is. People should be more like you because you are trying to do something good instead of trying to plant Palm Oil Trees, it is very bad that people would want to wipe out a animals habitat and if it keeps going it will also wipe out that animal too!!!
    YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Hayley says:

    Hi there Daniel,

    You are one clever guy – this is awesome!!

    Well done!!

    Keep going with your mission to save these lovely creatures and we’ll all do what we can to help too!

    Congratulations on a fabulous effort,


  70. Iona Novak says:

    Hi Daniel,

    CONGRATULATIONS on a fabulous book! I have just bought my first copy. This is a great achievement and wonderful story.


  71. Although I have known you both all your life, I’m totally in awe of your accomplishments. I’m humbled & so proud to be your friend. Congratulations on this wonderful book; the first in a long line of many equally significant publications.