Unique Orangutan Fundraiser

orangutan fundraiserStage 2 students (Years 3 and 4) at Eastwood Public School have been raising awareness of orangutans throughout the school by holding a couple of orangutan fundraisers this term.  An ‘Orange Fun-day Monday’ was very successful with students coming to school in mufti for a gold coin donation.

The Year 4 students came up with another unique orangutan fundraiser, “Orangutan Badges For Sale”.

Under the guidance of their teachers, Mrs Cuasay, Mr Griffiths, Miss Locke and Mr Leslie, the students created, the students created their own artwork picturing orangutans and held a competition to choose the best designs to be made into badges.  The designs were chosen and the badges were made (by the students).  Two extra designs were created by the teachers which became, “Special Edition” badges which sold for $2 each with all other badges selling for $1 each.

The unique fundraisers were so successful the students sold out of badges the morning of the fundraiser raising $1,200.  All the students and teachers were wearing their badges with immense pride.

Wow! What a fantastic idea !

Orangutan fundraiser

Throughout this term the students have been learning about the orangutans through Daniel and William’s books.  Using the books as a basis the students have become engaged in poetry and informative writing, creating PowerPoint presentations on deforestation and palm oil and, after holding their successful orangutan fundraisers, the students were keen to meet Daniel and William and present them with their own badges.

Orangutan fundraiser

Daniel and William were delighted to visit Eastwood Public School on Monday presenting to 500 students from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 including several parents.

William said, “The students had some really well thought out questions including, How heavy are the nests orangutans make? and the best question of the day was, If the orangutan is the smartest ape? why did they send the Chimpanzee into space?”.

Thanks Eastwood Public School for such a great afternoon and for your incredible effort to help save the orangutans.

“Always remember to TAP into your passion and encourage others to help you.  Let’s make a difference in our world together.”

Daniel and William

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