Colour Me Orange Day at Oakhill

Oakhill Drive Public School invited Dan and will to present to their Year 3/4 classes today (around 220 students from Year 3 and 4).

Oakhill drive public school

After learning about the orangutans throughout Term 2, using an integrated English Unit, the Year 3/4 classes wanted to engage the whole school by holding a ‘Colour Me Orange Day’ (Authentic Task) to raise funds for the orangutans.  Every student could colour their hair or wear orange clothes for the day.  They had a fantastic day and raised $1,021.30.  They have decided to donate the money raised to The Orangutan Project.

Oakhill drive public school

The students showed Dan and Will a video they had put together called, “Save the Orangutans”, in which they had a lot of information for the whole school.  Lots of photos of orangutan babies and photos showing how deforestation is destroying their habitat.

They produced the video so the whole school community could understand why the Years 3/4 classes, guided by Mrs Adela King, wanted to share Daniel and William’s passion in saving the orangutans from extinction.  The video was fantastic!

After speaking with the Years 3/4 classes, Mrs King invited Dan and Will to make a surprise visit to the Years 3-6 Assembly as these were the students that participated in the Colour Me Orange Day and have become so passionate as well about the plight of the orangutan.

Oakhill drive public school

Dan and Will had a great morning at Oakhill Drive Public School with lots of questions and Hi 5’s at the end.

Well done Oakhill Drive!  Keep spreading the message and we will save the orangutan from extinction.