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Click on the image to purchase orangutan booksOrder Daniel and William’s first best selling book “A Children’s Adventure to Save the Orangutan” as well as their latest book, “Fight for Survival” and get $5 off the regular price.

Don’t miss out on this inspiring story of two inspirational brothers on a quest to save the orangutan from extinction.  So far they have raised $845,000 and hope their latest book, ‘Fight for Survival’ will help them reach their $1m target.

Their latest book, ‘Fight for Survival’ also includes QR Codes bringing a new level of realism to readers allowing them to watch videos taken on the boys journey while in Borneo.  “We thought this would make the reading experience more engaging and allow readers to understand the issues facing the orangutan”, William said.

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$5 from every book sold goes to orangutan rescue, release, rehabilitation and protection programs in Borneo and Sumatra.

Get in quick to be a part of this amazing journey.

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