Narrabeen Sports High School… Back Again

Narrabeen Sports High SchoolDaniel and William spoke to 125 year 8 students at Narrabeen Sports High School.  After visiting the school last year the teachers were so impressed that the students were still engaged about conservation, deforestation and the orangutans that they asked the boys to visit the current year 8 students.

Narrabeen Sports High School
Melonie Farrugia with Daniel and William Clarke

The visit was organised by the Head Teacher for English and Languages, Melonie Farrugia, “The teachers used the boys talk as a source of inspiration for creative writing with the students in English while also understanding the plight of the orangutans”.

The students were inspired to know that they themselves could start a small project and know that they were making a difference in the world by following their passion.

The students questions went well over time (even after the bell went).

Thanks Narrabeen Sports High School for having us !

Narrabeen Sports High School