Conservation Message Reaches Heron Island

Heron IslandWilliam and Daniel had the opportunity to visit Heron Island, a wildlife sanctuary 90 kilometres (56 miles) off the coast of Queensland Australia.  It is one of the southern most islands of the Great Barrier Reef and, at 11 kilometres long (7 miles) and offers the most incredible opportunity to experience the wilds of the ocean up close.

Many of the staff working on the island are passionate conservationalists and, once recognising the boys, asked if they would present their quest to save the orangutan to the resort’s guests and staff on the island at their information centre.  The boys lept at the opportunity and held a small presentation at the Heron Island Information Centre where 40 people attended including guests from all over Australian as well as USA, England, France (which is big for a small island!) which gave them the opportunity to spread their message even further.

Heron Island Information Centre


Everywhere they go there are always people who are dedicated to the welfare of the planet and are eager to join forces with the boys to help raise funds and awareness of their quest.

Heron Island

Local island conservationists Lisa and Sara with Daniel and William

A visit to Heron Island is an amazing way to understand and appreciate the beauty of our planet.  During the day you can snorkel and swim with sharks, stingrays, fish and turtles and at night you can walk to the end of the island, knowing that you can look to the sky and watch the stars and be more than 90 kilometres away from any man made light… it is absolutely beautiful !

…and the staff are wonderful too !

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