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  • Ironbark Ridge Public School Swings in with Support

    Posted on by rc

    Ironbark Ridge Public SchoolThe students at Ironbark Ridge Public School swung in with support for the orangutans by inviting Daniel and William Clarke to speak about their quest and the changes that have been made in Borneo in the past two years.

    The students had done a lot of research on deforestation and the effect of Palm Oil Plantations on the orangutans habitat.  One student even asked, “Why can’t all palm oil plantations become sustainable?”.  The boys agreed and said that the only way we can get companies to change is by changing our buying habits.

    Daniel and William talking at Ironbark Ridge Public SchoolWilliam spoke about the POI iPhone application to the students as an effective way to ensure the products their families purchase either do not contain palm oil or if the palm oil is from a sustainable palm oil plantation.

    Many students asked about adopting an orangutan and if that would help them.  The boys encouraged the students to adopt an orangutan through Borneo Orangutan Survival’s Adoption Webpage or The Orangutan Project’s adoption page page as this helps the orphans being rehabilitated back to the wild.

    The school has really embraced saving the orangutans by holding a ‘Gold Coin Donation’ day raising $317 towards The Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program.  The boys were presented with the donation at the completion of their talk.

    A group of students from the school created a ‘Save our Relatives’ campaign to create awareness of the issues facing the orangutan.  Their campaign included an amazing website as well as an inspirational video which you can see here…


    In incredible job and an emotional message… What a brilliant job !!!

    “Your school has amazing students who care for the environment.  Daniel and I just wanted to thank you all so much for all that you are doing to help our planet”, William.

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