World Orangutan Day – 19th August

World Orangutan Day is the 19th August, 2015 and we would like to encourage everyone around the world to do just two things;

  1. Raise awareness that our closest cousin (the Orangutan) is critically endangered and that we (humans) are destroying their forest at a rate of 300 football fields an hour, 24 hours a day.
  2. Raise funds to help support AMAZING organisations such as The Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program to help protect the orangutan’s habitat to make sure they have a home for the future.

World Orangutan Day

Your support is CRITICAL, not just for the orangutans but for humanity.  If we are unable to save a species which is on the brink of extinction and so close to our own DNA, what hope have we got for our children and generations to come?

Make a donation to The Orangutan Project Safeguard Program or hold an ‘ORANGE DAY’ at your work and donate the funds raised to your local orangutan charity.

Please, for all of our sake, do something….

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