“Green Day” at North Narrabeen

Daniel and William were invited to speak at North Narrabeen Primary School on their “Green Day”.  The theme for the day was, “Habitat” with around 100 students from years 5 & 6 (and their teachers) were enthralled with the boys talk and their passion to save the orangutan’s habitat.

North Narrabeen Public School

The boys spoke about their return trip to Borneo and how there has been so many improvements to the care of the orphan orangutans and also to the care centres that rehabilitate the babies for future release back into their natural habitat.  The students were excited to know about the new application “POI”, that will help their families make better choices in the supermarket as to which product contains palm oil and, if so,if that company derives its palm oil from sustainable palm plantations.

North Narrabeen Public School

Several students were also keen on finding out on how to adopt an orangutan through The Orangutan Project and the Borneo Orangutan Survivial (BOS) Australia.

Thank you to the Principal, Mr Ryan Shepheard and Miss Montgomery for supporting Daniel and William in their quest and inviting them to your school.  It was a wonderful afternoon with so many great questions from your students.

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