Narrabeen Sports High School

Narrabeen Sports High School Daniel and William were thrilled to be asked by the English Faculty at Narrabeen Sports High School to talk with their Year 8 students about making a difference and their quest to save the orangutan.

Prepared with new material from their latest trip to Borneo in July 2014, the boys spoke of the progress that had been made and the issues still facing the orangutan in their fight for survival.

120 Year 8 students sat silently listening to William recount his experience with a 35 year old female orangutan on the wharf and Camp Leakey in Borneo and how it changed his life forever.

Tears In the jungle speaking at Narrabeen sports high school

William with maskThe teachers and students were in awe listening to the boys talk of the changes that have been made in the short period of time between their two trips to Borneo and how conscientious the staff at the Ketapang care centre were in being very strict about hygiene and preventing the spread of diseases between the orangutans and humans.

Daniel spoke of the donations through the Orangutan Project’s Safeguard Program and how they are able¬†to employ more rangers in order to patrol and protect more of the National Park and prevent the destruction to the forest from illegal logging and the establishment of illegal palm oil plantations.


The boys also spoke of the donations that had been made to the Ketapang Care Centre and how they have utilised the donations to create support structures for the care and rehabilitation of both young and adult orangutans.

(To get an understanding of how big these cages are can you see William in this photo…?)

The talk concluded with many questions and the start of many discussion on conservation and environmental impacts and concerns and how perseverance can make a difference.

POI LogoThe boys also spoke at length on the newly created Palm Oil App for iPhones that allows the consumer to scan a barcode on food items and instantly determine if it is Palm Oil free… click on the logo to check it out.

Thanks Narrabeen Sports High School for having us !!

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