Portland Promotes Primates !!

Inspired by Daniel and William’s quest to save the orangutan, a small school with just 86 students, in the south of Victoria has raised eyebrows and funds to help with the boys quest.

Portland Primary School

LtoR; Manning Leslie, raffle winner Jie-Lee Gardiner and Catriona Alexander

World Orangutan Day was August 19th and to raise awareness towards the plight, and possible extinction, of the Orangutan, Portland Primary School kids went orange for the day!!

School captains, Catriona Alexander and Manning Leslie, both have a particular interest in Orangutans. This interest began when Manning watched a TV program on the rescue and rehabilitation of orangutans and discussed this topic at school.  Catriona was in the audience and realised they shared the same interest. Catriona had also watched many programs on the orangutan and ways to help their survival.

Portland Primary School

Best Costume Winners; Sienna Stone and Tadhg McMillan

Catriona and Manning banded together and organised a fundraiser where students dressed in orange for the day and had their hair sprayed orange.  They also organised orange fruit salad for lunch, in exchange for gold coin donations and raffled a toy Orangutan purchased from the Tears In The Jungle shop.

The school raised $217.65 and this has been donated to “The Orangutan Project”.

Well done kids !!

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