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  • Willmott Park Promotes Primates

    Posted on by rc

    Willmott park primary schoolDaniel and William visited Willmott Park Primary School in Victoria to talk with students about the desperate plight of the orangutan.

    Willmott Park Primary School organised for Daniel and William to come and present their amazing quest to their 700 students.

    Willmott Park Primary School

    This beautiful school in Craigieburn, Victoria organised for Daniel and William to hold two presentations throughout the day as well as stay back and talk to the kids about their quest.

    It was also the first time the boys had the assistance of a Sign Language interpreter interpreting the boys presentation for the children who were either deaf or had a hearing impairment.

    “It was an amazing experience for all of us”, Daniel said, “The kids sat mesmerised through each presentation.”

    Leading up to the boys visit the teachers had worked with the children on conservation initiatives, orangutan habitats as well as some of the issues threatening their habitat such as the establishment of palm oil plantations.

    The kids asked so many thoughtful questions it was really amazing”, William said.

    Thank you so much for having us Willmott Park Primary School – you folks really understand the importance of taking action and educating our kids on the responsibilities in our world.

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