Rotary Club rolls in with support

International Rotary ClubThe Rotary Club of Belrose has bowled in with support for Daniel and William’s Trans Borneo Challenge to help save the orangutan. Belrose Rotary Club have been following Daniel and William’s progress to save the orang-utan for many years now with the boys presenting their quest to the members of the club in April this year.


Rotary Club President Alf GuyThe boys were invited to dinner at the club and were surprised to receive a cheque for $600 to help kick-off their Trans Borneo Challenge which commences on the 13th July. The $600 will go to The Orangutan Project and assist in the protection of valuable habitat for these critically endangered primates.

Trans Borneo Challenge

In July this year the boys will be travelling to Borneo to see for themselves how the funds they have raised have gone to help the orang-utan in the rescue and rehabilitation centres. They are also hoping they get to meet Dr Birute Galdikas who was one of the three women Dr Louis Leakey sent around the world in the 1960’s to study the primates around the world (the other two women were Diane Fossey (Gorillas) and Dr Jane Goodall (Chimpanzees) for whom the boys have also met).

Daniel and William are using this trip to kick start the Trans Borneo Challenge which is happening in August – September this year which is open to all intrepid travellers around the world who want to have an experience of a lifetime. The Trans Borneo Challenge takes visitors from coast to coast in Borneo using all different forms of transport to experience this amazing country first hand.

Thank you Belrose Rotary Club for assisting the boys in their quest to save the orang-utan !!

If you are interested to help Daniel and William raise funds for their trip please CLICK HERE.

If you are interested in more information on doing the Trans Borneo Challenge yourself please CLICK HERE